Scenes From Rotorua.

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Kia Ora! New Zealand or Rotorua is quite easily,  the sickest country ever!  Dont get me wrong, it’s far from perfect, in fact its pretty weird and there’s ALOT of strange towns full of new age/born again Christians and creepy shack like churches that look like they have been the setting for some odd occurrences.  But to be honest all the strangeness is part of the appeal. Ok its not that strange to be honest.  Anyway back to my point, New Zealand is rad, ive been there twice and id go again right now. Anyone? To me it would seem a camper van or your own car is the only way it should be done, If your thinking about going to New Zealand please do me a favor and don’t book a trip on the ‘Big Green Bus’ otherwise known as The Kiwi Experience.  If all you want to experience is STD’S and douchebag barmen then go ahead! but if you want to see the country for yourself and really get stuck into things then I’d say get a camper van or a car, or even hitch hike your way around the islands, as well as often being quite weird the locals are also insanely friendly.  Ive gone off track again.  I’m a photographer and I know that landscape photography can be seen as quite a boring style to do, i am in no way a landscape photographer but when your in a place like New Zealand its hard not to want to take a photo at most given moments. But it’s all good. Its got to be done, Here is a few of my photos taken on my recent trip to the land of the long white cloud.

Don’t shoot the messenger! I didn’t kill this possum.  But if you’re in New Zealand and you’re driving you’ll find it pretty hard not to mow down a little critter like this.  But fear not. Most of the Kiwi’s will love you if you do, these possums are responsible for a lot of problems in New Zealand’s wild life and agriculture. Thanks Australia. So if your driving late at night and one of these lads runs out in front of you, don’t risk your own life trying to avoid it. Just saying!


This photo was taken just after we picked up our camper van on the road from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo, Mountains literally pop up everywhere around you, it feels like a mix between being in an 80’s American road trip movie or something straight out of Into The Wild.

You’d be crazy to choose a green coach when you could have a De La Soul wagon! I wont put a photo of my van up. It’s too degrading.

Dolphins, Whales and Seals aren’t exactly rare in New Zealand, renting a Kayak for the day is definitely something I’d recommend doing. Look out for Great Whites.

For me one of the most special things about the freedom and adventure you can get when driving around New Zealand, is waking up in some unreal place. You often find yourself driving late into the night and pulling up on the side of the road to sleep, not knowing what is around you or what the scenery is like, but when you wake up the next day and pull open the curtains, you are pretty much always greeted by a view like the one above.  It’s indescribable, I can only recommend you do it for yourself one day. Obviously New Zealand isn’t the only place to go and have an adventure, but all I know is I miss it.

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Words and Photos Ed Schofield.

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