Hokitika – New Zealands Beach of sculpture.

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Hokitika is a small coastal town based on the west coast of New Zealands south island, famous for its history which is littered with the past of the Gold Rush times and New Zealands famous green stone, Jade. But history aside, Hokitika holds an amazing beach, it’s not like your everyday beach, this beach is absolutely covered as far as the eye can see with wooden sculptures created by passers by, locals and mother nature, for some reason which to me is unknown, the beach itself attracts an incredible amount of drift wood and all manor of other things that the Tasman sea can spit at it. On a recent trip to New Zealand we even discovered an intact dead cow on the beach, with its ear tag still remaining, needless to say we didnt make a sculpture of it. But here is a small photo set taken from the beach.  This place is fantastic and definitely worth a visit if your passing by, sleep at the beach for the night and witness the imense sound of the Tasman Sea as the waves nearly swallow your van.

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