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Mixtape: Yoofs

Yoofs made a mixtape over the weekend that is pretty much just a playlist of all the bands we love at the moment. Enjoy!

Download: Yoofs – Hazy Dayz

Yoofs have a new song up for download today, Hazy Dayz. Available from their soundcloud and also from The Sound Of Sweet Nothing

Mixtape: Verbal Rocket – Xmas Compilation

Verbal Rocket is a York based fanzine with a strong love for independent music. For Christmas they have given us all a free compilation to download. It features some Mint favourites in the likes of Keelher, Yoofs, Cuss Words and Roseanne Barrr as well as introducing a bunch of new artists.

Vans – Get in the Van part 2 (Best Friends – Surf Bitches)

So what the hell, Yoofs are great, Best Friends make the sort of beach and sun drenched guitar music that skating was probably fuelled by when a surfer stuck some trolley wheels on a 2×4 plank of wood, and obviously Vans are the greatest shoes on the planet.

Yoofs – Younger than Yesterday (Real Estate Cover)

Hey! I will be putting out an EP of covers on Christmas Day called ‘I Lived Through 2011 and All I Got Was This EP of Shit Covers?’. It’s just tunes that I’ve thought were awesome this year, and all the money donated to the EP will go towards Cancer Research, so just buy it yeah? You can check out a cover of Real Estate I did here:


Mixtape Monday: Sextape Brighton Conquers London

Sextape Brighton bring the slow jamz, pop hits and crunk out the hip hop for this week's MIXTAPE MONDAY



American suburbs have Kevin Spacey smoking weed, cool introverted kids and pop-punk bands. Michael ten Pas took photos of American suburbs, just outside Atlanta, Georgia.


Terror Danjah – Bipolar.

Terror Danjah has killed weaker men, and I have no doubt he is going to kill again, so when I put ‘Bi-Polar’ on I didn’t have high hopes for my…