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PAWS ft. Alice Costelloe of Big Deal – Sore Tummy

Paws and Alice from Big Deal in a cardboard forest in this charming D.I.Y video

Video: Tubelord – This Is It

Tubelord are calling it a day. Their last ever show will be on New Years Eve at the Old Blue Last for the Pink Mist party. Ahead of that they’ve one last song as a farewell, the poignantly named “This Is It”. You can get it as a free download over at their soundcloud.


The first we saw of Azealia Banks was the black and white minimalist video for 212, we then saw things get a lot more elaborate and glossy when she worked with Rankin. With the video for Atlantis she takes on yet another direction. The work of FAFI it’s a tumblr like, edream gif overload type thing.

Video: My Panda Shall Fly & Will Ward – Giant Shoe

My Panda Shall Fly and Will Ward are releasing a collaborative EP on XVI on the 19th of November. Suren Seneviratne (MPSF) made this video for Giant Shoe himself using footage from http://www.archive.org. It doesn’t feature a giant shoe, it does feature a lot of shots of rockets, satellites and space. Mesmerising.

Video: Halls – Roses For The Dead

Taken from the debut album, ‘Ark’, from Samuel Howard who produces under the name Halls which is out now on No Pain In Pop.

Video: Dam Mantle – RGB

The High 5 Collective directed video for Tom Marshallsay, AKA Dam Mantle’s RGB. It comes from his debut album ‘Brothers Fowl’ which has just come out on Notown, Gold Pandas label. According to The High Five Collective’s website, it is “Comprised entirely of clips from a foreign feature film.” but no further details are given. Whatever the story it does provide a beautiful accompaniment to a stunning piece of music.

Video: La Sera – Break My Heart

Cassandra Hamilton directed video for Vivian Girl Katy Goodman’s solo project La Sera. The track is from the album ‘See The Light’ which is out now on Hardly Art. The video itself is like a scene from the worlds tweeist horror movie. Some form of poltergeist seems to have arrived in Katy’s room and is messing with her tapes, floral clothing and brightly coloured stationary.

Video: Great Western – Son of a Gun

Messrs produced VHS video for Son Of A Gun which is coming out on Handspun Records this month as part of The Warrior Of Light EP. The release show is at Catch on the 25th where you’ll actually be able to buy copies of this video on VHS.

Video: Gabriel Bruce – Perfect Weather

Gabriel is having a bit of a hard time in this video. Somebody has stabbed him on top of some cliffs. I’m not sure if what happens next is his theatrical take on death throes or an attempt to dance himself OK again.

Video: Rolo Tomassi – Ex Luna Scientia

Astraea is Rolo Tomassi’s third album and is coming out on the 5th of November on the bands own label Destination Moon. Singer Eva has also recently launched a new site selling a variety of handmade goodness called And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Thread… which sits slightly at odds with the screaming she does on stage but now you know where to go next time you need bunting with edge.



Civil War in the Middle East

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In talks with – ALMASTY.

Almasty are Anna Apter and Charles Bataillie. A duo of graphic designers and art directors from Paris, France. As well as running their creative studio, the guys are also creative…


The Last Czech Samurai.

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