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jeremy scott

Style: Jeremy Scott owes Jimbo Phillips an explanation

Jeremy Scott showed his A/W 2013 collection in New York last week and it’s left a fair few people seething. He appears to have basically ripped off Jimbo Phillips’ design work for Santa Cruz Skateboards as you can see in the pictures below as published on Jimbos’s facebook page. How matters will progress remains to be seen.


Style: KENZO x New Era Spring-Summer 2013

The KENZO x New Era Spring-Summer 2013 range is now for sale. Basically that means hats in lot’s and lot’s of pretty colourful patterns. You can order them online here and and see the rest of the head covering options, they cost €40.

supreme rolex

Style: Supreme Customized Rolex Submariner

Supreme, the favourite brand of mephedrone loving bass music fans with more money than sense has collaborated with Rolex, who usually service a slightly different clientele. It’s part of Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2013 and the full details have yet to be announced. The logical assumption is that it’s going to be expensive but can you really put a price on a Rolex with the words “FUCK EM” on the face. It also features a Triplock winding crown with triple waterproofness system which means you can swim down up to 1,000 feet as people who will buy these probably do regularly.


Style: 2013 Sucks So Far.

In anticipation of a grand surprise at February’s London Fashion Week, Dobrina Manolova gives us a few reasons why this year feels like a tired style-sigh so far.

Ikea monkey in Toronto stsore

Style Icon: Ikea Jacket Monkey

Audrey Hepburn? Brigitte Bardot? James Dean? Get fucked. There’s a new style icon on the horizon, and that’s Ikea Jacket Monkey.

Chris B&W 1

Animated Fashion

Fashion gifs have been popping up all over the internet recently – Lynsey Coke takes a closer look at some of the designers pioneering a more innovative method of showcasing their designs.

Bitching and Junkfood

Founded in 2009, friends Marion Bergin and Kath Blunden decided to pursue their own label after craving a vest top with the armholes cut out – thus creating the summer girls coveted side-boob look.

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Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton

Yayoi Kusama collaborating with Louis Vuitton

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Doggy nail art. DOGGY. NAIL. ART.

Warren London is a ‘Dog Spa’ where you can get a PEDI 4 YOUR POOCHIE and buy them nail art pens. SERIOUSLY.


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The only way is Essex if you’re a complete tool.

ITV2's answer to The Hills is here (it even stars someone called Lauren) and it's amazing. Arj is my favourite character and I want to see him bitch slap Mark.…


Carson Gilliland.

Hollie Fernando introduces us to Florida photographer Carson Gillialand to find out about the ideas within his deep and wonderful square shots.

Solar Bears Video Wall

A journey through solar bears influences from the late 70s Cure to Atlas Sound.