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Skate: Rollaball

Over on crowdfunding website Kicktarter right now is a documentary about skateboarding……………….. “Blah blah blah skateboarding saved my life maaaaaaannnnn”…. WAIT! This shit is serious. This is a documentary about Ghanaian polio survivors who strap flip flops on their hands and tie themselves onto makeshift skateboards to play hard hitting sketchy as fuck skate-football in their local empty car parks. During the week these guys weave in and out of cars begging for change but on Sundays they don their colours and make the Premier League look Premier Lame. Time is almost up for this Kickstarter so if you could do without a few beers maybe slide some cash their way before its too late. From the trailer it looks like this could end up as a really great doc and get these bad boys some well-deserved exposure.

Skate: Austyn Gillette – QUIK

Shot solely from moving vehicle on the streets of LA QUIK gives a completely different perspective on skating than the typical skate part.

Skate: Vans Europe: Vans Downtown Showdown 2012

A little look at what was going on at the 2012 Vans Downtown Showdown in Amsterdam.

Skate: Converse Skateboarding: Pontus Alv & Jerome Campbell in Beirut

As the title suggests here we see Pontus Alv and Jerome Campbell giving attention to Lebanon’s sweet spots.

Skate: Double Rock: Flip Kids

Thrasher takes a look at some of the kids that Flip are nurturing. In their own words “Some of you have bearings older than these guys”. Tricks and stuff from Oscar Meza, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, and Alec Majerus.

Skate: Across the Pond with Tom and Vincent

Some videos of Tom Remillard and Vincent Alvarez on a trip to Europe for Dickies. A bit of guest riding from Tim Zom. The two videos are cut from the same trip footage so there is a reasonable amount of overlap but I thought I’d stick both up as they’re hardly long and the music choices are different at the least.

Skate: All you need Euro Tour 2012 Trailer

A trailer for Jart Skateboards forthcoming European tour film featuring Bastien Salabanzi, Iván Rivado, Mark Frölich, Fernan Origel, Denny Bastien Salabanzi, Iván Rivado, Mark Frölich, Fernan Origel, Denny Pham, Cian Eades & David Lougedo.


Two years in the making DC Europe has put it’s first full length video up online. Featuring Antony Lopez, Madars Apse, Manuel Margreiter, Javier Paredes, Josef Scott, Michael Sommer, Bruno Aballay, Jody Smith, Thaynan Costa, Ruben García, Wes Kremer and a number of others. Be warned it is full length so if you want to watch it all make sure you’ve got 50 minutes to spare before you click play.

Review: Format Perspective

Format Perspective is a documentary film by Phil Evans that explores the work, lives and opinions of six European skate photographers. The film showcases the photography of Nils Svensson (Malmo), Stu Robinson (Belfast), Alex Irvine (London), Rich Gilligan (Dublin), Sergej Vutuc (Heilbronn) and Bertrand Trichet (Barcelona/Tokyo). It also gives us an insight into the different approaches used by this diverse line-up of photographers.


I didn’t know this till today but it turn out Phillip from Paws is not only a rad musician he’s also a rad skater dude.



How to make a professional porno.

So last week I got chatting to this girl and we start talking about our jobs and she tells me she is a foley artist for porn films, which entails…


Rough Trade Staff Picks

Rough Trade is pretty much the bane of my life, every time I go in there I could (and have on occasion) spend hundreds of pounds on records. The problem…



Remember the shoot Katie did of all her guy friends? This is the one of her girlfriends.