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Tour Diary: Playlounge

Our buddies from Playlounge went on tour last month with Johhny Foreigner. Sam wrote up the experience and took some disposable snaps along the way. A story of Travelodge nights, pizza, video games and punk rock.

Video: Fantasy Rainbow – Condominium

This is the second single from the Fantasy Rainbow album “Condominium” which comes out on Heist Or Hit Records on the 29th of October. The Gavin Randall directed video features the dancing talents of a few of our favourite people, Ides is in there and half of Playlounge, might be some others we know as well but it’s hard to tell amidst the balloons.

Download: Playlounge – Dye

Playlounge have recently written a song about “about girls and comics and pool side fashion faux pas” inspired by Daniel Clowes. This isn’t it but it is the latest thing they have recorded/uploaded and should tide you over until that arrives.


Public transport

Wayne is back to tell you all about some more things about the world that fuck him off. Maybe if he was mayor rather than the man who thinks you…


Shoots: Town and Village (St. Petersburg)

A black and white shoot in St. Petersburg City and its outskirts


In the studio: Spencer Mann.

Spencer lives in a small town, in a smaller apartment, in a smaller bedroom - and he doesn't have a studio as such, so instead he sent us these photos…