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Glitchy cybernetic weirdness in this video from BagzBozknee. Fuck knows what is going on. Underneath it is written “summers here so cool off with this cool vid. the metallic tree has already been explained.” There we go then.

Old Forest – Pretty Viscous

Old Forest’s thing used to be naming songs after Simpsons characters. My current financial situation can probably be blamed at least in part on the sheer amount of television my eyes are succumbed to at times when I should be chasing $. I am pretty sure they’ve fucked the trend with this one, I have never heard of a Pretty Viscous in Matt Groening’s great donation to humanity. It is however a potent description of the heavy lanquidity of the guys music so I’m not going to complain too much.

Mixtape: Yoofs

Yoofs made a mixtape over the weekend that is pretty much just a playlist of all the bands we love at the moment. Enjoy!

Download: Old Forest – Italian Beach Babes Tape

A free download of the recent Old Forest tape that came out on Italian Beach Babes



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