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ed milliband fail lolz

World in Motion

This week saw the most rock and roll Conservative death since the self asphyxiation scandals of the 1990s, Ed Milliband broke the Labour party, Tricky died, striking teachers killed children and Masterchef went severely bass.

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Picture 3

In the studio: Romina Iglesias.

Romina is a young artist who draws awesome stuff like gnarly death scenes (with an emotional twist) and the first moment in an adolescent man's life when he turns in…


Tom Sabokbar and 10 inches of hard dick.

Tom isn't a photographer, he just happened to take some sick photos that caught our eye, but he should become a photographer - I can imagine one of his photos…

Picture 27

Brown Bread Films|For the love of it.

Now these guys have some seriously fresh film work under their belts and bearing in mind these guys are young, its even better. Checking out their show reel for 2010…