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Crushed Beaks – Breakdown

Take a listen to Crushed Beaks latest single, less frenzied than what you might be used to, still the future of British pop.

Video: Crushed Beaks – Grim

Crushed Beaks have nailed the sound of British summer with their latest single.

Mixtape: Yoofs

Yoofs made a mixtape over the weekend that is pretty much just a playlist of all the bands we love at the moment. Enjoy!

Download: Torches – Cover Ups (Crushed Beaks Cover)

Back in the day members of Crushed Beaks and Torches played together in another band. Now that project is defunct and scarcely mentioned but they’re still buds and that. In the interest of displaying such passionate emotions or perhaps out of mutual artistic admiration they’re teaming up to release a spilt download single of covers of each others songs.

Video: Crushed Beaks – Acoustic Session

The girls from Not So Popular (WWW.NOTSOPOPULAR.COM) have recently started a new feature, they’re filming sessions in a chapel in S.E London. The latest one thats gone up is with Mint favorites Crushed Beaks (I promise their PR guy isn’t slipping us $).

Video: Crushed Beaks – Close Ups

London duo Crushed Beaks are a weird pair, they make beautifully savage wall of sound shoegazey indie that is infectiously serene and at least one of them (Alex Morris) listens to a lot of doom.

VIDEO: No Dayze: A Party By Mint Magazine

8 bands. 8 DJs. Just One Day.
The Macbeth
70 Hoxton Street
N1 6LP


Chloe Hardwick-Old time Collage.

there's also something really unsettling about this set of work, i mean check out the kid with Hitlers eyes and a tash done mascaraed masked ball style! Thats really what…


Then & Now – Is Tropical.

I saw Is Tropical a while ago at the pissy floored sweat-box that is Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle, and I was blown away - then I got super…



PUN FRYDAZE is a new feature here at Mint, every friday a team of two illustrators, Thomas Slater and Joseph Prince, are contributing a visual pun and it is up…