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Kuta is a fake tat paradise.

Kuta is to Bali what Blackpool is to the UK, or whatever the tacky, touristy part of Russia is to the rest of Russia.

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Wearing Sunglasses Indoors.

Winter Sherlock Hat by Phat Face. Vintage Ski Print Sweatshirt. Socks by American Apparel. Underwear by Chanel. Vintage 1970s army surplus Parka. Vintage Clear Lensed Spectacles. Shirt by Jupiter. Ugg Boots. Sunglasses…



photo – Remy Stratton My first memory of Baron involves sitting in my friend’s car out the back of Dominos Pizza, where we both worked at the time; he’d just…


Day #3: All Hallow’s Eve by Nadia Khomami

Each Day this week we are featuring a different piece of work by Nadia Khomami, the girl with the literary skills. Drunk, lulled and restless I had drifted Beneath a…