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Bellly Kids: Slowclub

Belly Kids caught up with Sheffield’s Slow Club to talk tour food


Belly Kids: Xiu Xiu

Belly Kids caught up with the disturbing, emotional, delicate, schizophrenic, odd, XIU XIU.

Belly Kids: Omi Palone

Belly Kids are teaming up with Mint Magazine to talk with our favourite musicians about food, cooking and all things eating. It’s something of a passion of ours and I know we aren’t alone. Ever since I put together The Mona Pizza recipe book, investigating the food culture behind music, it has become an obsession.

thrill murray

Exhibition: Thrill Murray

Thrill Murray is a Bill Murray colouring book being put out by our friend Belly Kids. It features 24 artist who have created 24 different works inspired by the great man. There is a release party / exhibition at Beach on Saturday. There will be drinking, merriment and the casual exchange of movie quotes. You will also be able to get your hands on prints, T-shirts and tote bags. True fans will come in costume obviously.


Belly Kids: Dolfinz and Slowcoaches

Fatal three-way, Belly Kids chats to Dolfinz and Slowcoaches about food.

CP Pink haze

Belly Kids: Cold Pumas

Belly Kids caught up with Cold Pumas and chatted through ideal cordial types, dating Sonic Youth and a re-occurring favourite, eggs.

secret eater

Download: Halo Halo – Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac cover)

Another track for download from Belly Kids forthcoming Secret Eater compilation and zine. Available from June 25th it features covers from bands including Sauna Youth, Gold Bars, Keel Her and Royal Limp. Expect new versions of songs from acts as varied as Kirsty MacColl and Fugazi.


Belly Kids: Hookworms

Call them freak beat, psyche, krautrock or any other twisted genre name, Hookworms are a band who love to pump out a serious jam. Belly Kids to talk pizza, ales, bento and cooking in the kitchen.


Belly Kids: La La Vasquez

Belly Kids catches up with sloppy post punk girls La La Vasquez for some dinner.

way through

Stream: Way Through – A New England (Kirsty MacColl cover)

It’s weird to hear this song covered. Chris from way Through is not 22 and I’m assuming no one has actually put him on the pill. It’s for a forthcoming Belly Kids release, details in Mikes words below…
“track from the forthcoming covers compilation on Belly Kids! Featuring Human Hair, Gold Bars, Sauna Youth, Keel Her and more… with a zine full of illustrations inspired by the greatest musicians.”


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Maxwell Tomlinson’s Polaroids.

We've already done a feature with Maxwell Tomlinson a while back and his photos are really rad, especially his Polaroids. So we thought we'd find out what Polaroids Max had…

Picture 8

Pitsmoor sounds grim.

Being embarrassingly middle class and growing up in Wandsworth then Sussex I've never really run in to many problems stemming from gangs (except for dealers who take hours to arrive)…



Hey, are you a fan of reverbed out vocals over tight hi-hats and fuzzy guitars? Because if so Violens are the band for you.