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The Decapitator be ripping some heads.

Since being released from a mental asylum two years ago (and having the uncompromising urge to kill since then) The Decapitator has just taken to perfectly recreating a certain part of an advert on a piece of paper that he pastes up over the original, with the star of the advert gruesomely beheaded.

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UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Suavity’s Mouthpiece.

Suavity's Mouthpiece are a two piece, Pittsburgh-based post-punk/experimental outfit. Their songs are fucking crazy.


Then & Now – Bitches.

I be all like, "sup bitches?" and they be like, "hi, yeah we'd love to do a then & now for you." So here is the then & now playlist…


Prostitution is way better than student finance.

Pichohontus* is a religion and philosophy student at The University of Manchester. She's come up with a novel alternative to the dreaded student finance.