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Stream: Beaty Heart and Johan Hugo – House The Boat

“House The Boat is a collaborative project by Beaty Heart and producer, Johan Hugo of The Very Best. The concept behind the collaboration was to write and record a completely new track in just two days in the studio, solely based on samples that Beaty Heart and Johan Hugo had collected in recent months. Using as little organic equipment as possible, Beaty Heart were taken out of their percussive comfort zone and were instead forced to approach their songwriting procedure in a new and unfamiliar way.”

Gigs of the Week (Beta: London)

All the best live music this week in London

Video: Flamingods – Taishōgoto

Next Saturday Flamingods will be playing there last gig for a while due to visa issues at Papillon. Also on the bill are Beaty Heart who made this video for Taishōgoto which will feature on the bands forthcoming debut album.

Video: Crystal Fighters – Plage + A Word From its Creators, Beaty Heart

The brand new video for Crystal Fighters single Plage, directed and produced by Beaty Heart. Plus we have an exclusive chat with Charlie Rotberg about the video.

Live: Beaty Heart vs. The Roundhouse Chior

Beaty Heart show little sign of letting in 2012 and plan to collaborate with the Roundhouse Chior for one very special night of innovation.

Download/Video – Beaty Heart – We’re All Friends Here

We write about Beaty Heart so much here at Mint that it’s bordering on sycophancy, but they are an amazing band who live in the ends (south east London) and we have been friends with them for many years and really do warrant a place within these walls based solely on their work.

Beaty Heart Interview

At Mint we’d like to think of Beaty Heart as something like one of ‘our own’. We have been neighbours with them, we have been friends with them, we have interviewed them once before, we have basically been following them since those house parties way back when. Now they aren’t just our friends because they sort of became something of a big deal, being really good and everything.

Video: Beaty Heart – Slush Puppy

At Mint we’d like to think of Beaty Heart as something like one of ‘our own’. We’ve been neighbours with them, we’ve been friends with them, we’ve interviewed them, we’ve basically been following them since those house parties way back when. Now they aren’t just our friends and we probably sound like massive name droppers because they’re a proper band, a properly good proper band in great demand.


33-45 is a celebration of vinyl culture, all our reviews are of current vinyl pressings. Tom Hinton talks anything vaguely guitars whilst Miles Probyn deals with the house…

Beaty Heart.

You know how we started slagging it off, then remembered that there’s a load of new, exciting talent coming out of south east London? Beaty Heart are a perfect example. Not that I’m one for classifying bands in to ridiculous genres, but if I was gifted with the labelling prowess of someone that was I’d probably still find it pretty hard to pin these guys down.



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Fortune’s Fool…The Backstory.

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A few words with Tall Ships.

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