Skate: BAP & ROGER

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Mike Battista and Roger Krebs riding in Chicago and Cleveland for Snack skateboards. Soundtracked by Path Of Destruction from the mighty Wu Tang Clan’s GZA’s album  ‘Pro Tools’. 


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Things That Are Fucking Annoying-Swimming Pools.

After reading this you're probably like 'Why the fuck do you go swimming?' and the honest answer is: I don't know why. I guess it's just something else I can…


Kreayshawn x BAPE

Kreayshawn x BAPE. Basic bitches won't weat this shit.


Topshop ruin cool things.

You know how the mainstream always has a way of ruining any burgeoning scene of individuality – scouting it, ripping it off and re-marketing it? A good example, as cringy…