An Interview with Martin ‘Socks’ Maguire and Ryan Hollingsworth of Moshdog

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Bedroom DIY shred heads Moshdog are leveling up right now. Not only have they launched a spanking new line of wheels but they have snapped up a new team rider to boot. Moshdog are welcoming Scottish Concrete Slayer 2012 Martin ‘Socks’ Maguire to the team and it’s about time you got to know him as well as co-founder Ryan Hollingsworth.

Before you read what Socks has to say for himself check out his Moshdog welcome edit. This boy does not mess about and the proof comes when he nails a ridiculous handplant that should by rights have ended in one hell of a faceplant. Proof there is no God.

Martin Maguire.

21, male, Cumbernauld Glasgow.

Are you psyched to start repping Moshdog?
Yeh I’m so stoked on it, love being involved with a mosher company, and the group of guys seem rad.

How did this all come about?
It was a bit of a surprise because my mate sent in the footage and didn’t tell me, as I’m the biggest mosher he knows; stoked on Brian for that.

Was Moshdog’s D.I.Y stance important to you when choosing to get involved?
I love every part of DIY, the only way it should be.

Could you talk us through some of the spots in your welcome clip? As long as it’s not some top secret shit that the locals have on lockdown.
Well there is a bit of East Kilbride skatepark and Blantyre skatepark, Queens park vert ramp, ghetto as hell. A bit of Randow street and Kirky skatepark, my local. Tbag and me repping a shithole.

Any big plans before we get rained out for the rest of the year?
Big plans for this year are going on a skate trip with the Nise team at some point and the British champ [UKSA] at the end of October. The weather up here is already really bad so all indoor skating.

Will totally understand if you think it’s lame but do you fancy laying down some nerd talk on what you’re riding right now? Sometimes some healthy skate porn is the only thing that gets us through the day.
I’m skating a 8.25 Nise deck with Thunder trucks with some 58″ Moshdog wheels.

Slide some choons our way, what soundtracks your dream part? What performance enhancing audio pumps up your cardio so you can skate harder?
Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Stranglers, and all stinking mosher music.

So look out for this mother at the UKSA this year and here’s hoping Socks can carve his way up the rankings this time round.

Next up we talks business with Ryan Hollingsworth who calls the shots at Moshdog Wheels alongside co-founder Tim Smith. Ryan comes from some town where everyone lives in holes under the ground or something and Tim hails from Pontefract, home of Haribo, and birthplace of dreams.

Why have Martin Maguire a.k.a Socks on the team? What will he bring and what brought him to your attention?
We’d seen his name about a lot and had known about his ability to shred for a while, before we’d formed Moshdog. As soon as we saw him wielding the hammer from winning Concrete Slayer 2012 and the footage sent in there was no doubt in our mind this guy had Moshdog written all over him. He’s definitely brought a big plate of GNAR to the dinner party of MOSH! Keep an eye out for this kid he’s only gonna get bigger.

Alright no more fucking about, I’m going to hit you with some hardtalk. You can take it. If you lurk around the Internet there is a fair amount of shit being slung in the direction of small bedroom companies like Moshdog. Phrases like “flooding the market”, “anyone can start up a company nowadays” and “not legit” are plastered all over the forums. I disagree with this completely but we won’t go into that, do you?

To a certain extent I’ll agree with you but I’ve noticed a massive rise in hXc t-shirt firms which are flooding the market with unimaginative screen-prints of Rihanna fully covered in tattoos. Everyone has the ability to start their own companies up. We have personally been at the rough end of this abuse, been told we aren’t legit and people shouldn’t buy our products but should instead buy from local skater shops in your community. But we are the skating community; I’ve personally been skating nearly ten years. If you’re not buying from little DIY firms you’re only lining the pockets of billionaire American skate companies that have their products made in China.

When picking the product you’re going to put out what process do you go through? I’m talking about sourcing production, the quality of the wheel, any ethical considerations. What makes what you are selling important to you?
We try and get the skate community involved with everything we do from printing our clothing to drawing up sick designs. It’s important to us that we give back to the community, helping the unknown to be known. Before we release our wheels we trial them ourselves, rag the shit out of them. We would never release a product we weren’t happy with. We try our best to keep our prices as low as we can without seeing ourselves off, all profit goes straight back in for new designs. I haven’t seen a penny yet but I’m loving every minute, seeing kids stoked on their new wheels makes it all worth while.

Your small-scale shredders are pretty hard to come across, often only advertising on social networks and nearly never getting attention from the big boys who print on paper. Are there any companies you look up to and do things like they should be done? Can you give us some names of people operating in a similar fashion to you so we can find them and give them our money?

One of the bigger DIY companies that I look up to, who seem to be doing massively well, is Witchcraft skateboards, so much so I think they have broke outta the league of DIY. That would be sick if we could reach that caliber in the next few years. Iron Column, who you have recently featured, have been really good to us, very like-minded company. They have sick products that are so cheap it’s mind blowing how they afford to eat. Waffles’n’Cream do some pretty sick tee for you hipsters out there.

Your new wheels are just out. They any good?

Couldn’t be happier with the new wheels. Got a sick design thanks to artist Nik Gernert. Nice and big in 56mm & 58mm perfect for thrashing around in bowls.

Plans? Big plans? Big fucking mega plans, what are they? Tell me!

Well we plan on bringing out a new street wheel around Christmas time in 53mm. Got some new clothing in the design phase you should look out for. Still on the hunt for more Moshdogs and if all goes well next year we are going to do a Cornwall tour and hit up Boardmasters 2013.

Finally, but kind of most importantly, let’s talk about skateboarding’s biggest elephant: Girls. Why no girls on the team? Why hardly any girls on any team? 
It’s funny you say that because me and co-owner Tim have talked about this a few times and there are sick girl skaters knocking about the UK at the moment and having a girl on the team is definitely something we are looking at making a reality in the future. So all you girl shredderz out there get your footage in and maybe you could bag some proddy. I think the reason there’s so few females skating is because women seem to be a lot more self preserving and grow up a lot faster than men as a general rule, unlike us men that are kids forever, but also they don’t really have many female role models in skateboarding. When I first started skating I’d only heard of Elissa Steamer and that was only because of the Tony Hawks games. Check out Lois Pendlebury pro for Vans UK.

The new Moshdog 56mm and 58mm Hellhounds are out now and you can get them straight from the source on the Moshdog website.

Joss Bromley

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