Tour Diary: Playlounge

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Our buddies from Playlounge went on tour last month with Johhny Foreigner. Sam wrote up the experience and took some disposable snaps along the way. A story of Travelodge nights, pizza, video games and punk rock.  Here is their experience in Sam’s own words and pics …. 


October 2nd – Sheffield.
I almost missed my train to the coach station because of getting my hair cut. I’m reading Lout Rampage by Daniel Clowes and I just discovered ‘Treehouse’ by Nada on the Megabus to Sheffield. The ride itself was the single most demoralising experience of my whole life, Thank God for the latest Blink 182 record and RVIVR. We hadn’t played in over a month and had loads of new songs so it wasn’t the easiest of sets but we got to stay in a hotel and eat pizza with Max Warren and we’re on tour with JOHNNY FOREIGNER so nothing else matters okay.


October 5th – Cardiff.
I’m super ill, like not even sure I can make it through the set without throwing up kind of ill. Cardiff as always is raining and my shoes are full of holes. I wish Joanna Gruesome were in town. The show was awesome, the room was so packed and I think I may have sweated out my illness. jofo were incredible, the new songs are easily their best work ever. Heading back to Birmingham now and playing Street Fighter in the van. First game I beat previous champion Lewes.



October 6th – Cheltenham

Last night we stayed at Kelly and Dan’s house. I’m still not used to being on tour and being guaranteed a bed to sleep in every night. Kelly brought us croissants for breakfast (THANKS KELLY) while we watched Swamp People before heading to Cheltenham. From the brief drive through it looked wonderful and I had the best fish cake. Having to head back to London for work the next day means that including playing I got to spend only an hour in Cheltenham. Still super ill, the journey back was a major fucking bummer.



October 10th – Leicester

Got to Leicester early to buy shoes but instead we hung out with Tom from Kasabian. Well looked at him from across the room in disgust. The venue was real big and we have such a lavish rider that I’m surprised that we aren’t the Foo Fighters yet. Show was hella fun, some guy instagrammed a photo of us while we played with the title ‘playlounge: two guys and some shouting’. Best review we’ve ever had. Today I have had both a pumpkin spice latte and a vanilla latte. I might start only drinking ridiculous coffee from now on. Apparently we’re responsible for Lewes’ breakup. Back to casa foreigner for the night.



October 11th – Durham
We watched the Anvil rockumentary during the drive from Birmingham to Durham. It was rad, I think metal on metal is my new mood lifter. Durham is real picturesque, we saw what I’m hoping was a beaver built dam on the drive through town (I bet it wasn’t). We got free fish and chips because the venue owns the place downstairs and I think we’re all a little in love with one of the girls working here. Show was rad, Lex joined us onstage to sing ‘dye.’ and then we stayed in a Travelodge because we’ve hit the big time.



October 12th – Hartlepool
James is gonna play ‘water wings; with us tonight because he feels left out not getting to play live and just be roadie each day. Gonna shred. Hartlepool is really inoffensive and weird because of that. The shopping centre has four Greggs. Tomorrow Junior is gonna play ‘turtles’ with us. UK collaboration tour 2012. Weirdest show ever. Turns out students in themiddleofnowheresville don’t get punk rock. Lewes played guitar with a laser gun. The stage was gigantic and I had a drum riser which made me feel like such a tool. We left promptly to head to Wakefield playing Sega games the whole way.



October 13th – Wakefield.
Today our Travelodge taught us that Jeremy Kyle did an American series and that Australian dating shows are far funnier than dating shows from anywhere else. We watched Burn After Reading in the van and saw the ‘sights’ of Wakefield. They have literally 2810727 pound shops. The line up today was incredible, like seriously every band was soso good. The spills are my new favourite band. Lewes keeps picking fights with me, I think he has a little crush on Playlounge.



Days off in Birmingham were spent bowling (I destroyed Laurie), wandering aimlessly for hours, having a minor breakdown, pizza, sleeping on floors, some times in The Bullring, watching Avengers with Junior, playing Slender (DO NOT PLAY SLENDER), near homelessness and being a good friend.



October 17th – Edinburgh
Scotland is far. Like really far, and we didn’t even go to the top. Our backstage area was a private karaoke room and the first band sounded like old old school Biffy Clyro (in the best of ways). We had a blast onstage and fos ended the show with a feedback solo. Jofo rocked (duhhh). After the show we drove to Edinburgh castle to light sky lanterns. I think I just had my ‘wallflower infinite moment’. Lantern no.2 crashed into a tree and possibly burnt down Scotland. We made a speedy getaway to get pizza. Sorry Scotland.



October 18th – Aberdeen
We went to the beach today, Scotland you’re like really pretty. Wanna go see frankenweenie with me next Orange Wednesday? I think Scotland is my new favourite place to play. Min Diesel sound like superchunk. It blows my mind that we can travel all the way up here and play to a room full of people who are into what we’re doing. thnx to j-dubz for coming down. Tunnels looks like The Bronze (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).



October 19th – Glasgow
It’s Lex’s birthday and the second last day of tour. In the van we watched Mega Python vs Gatorzoid and just after Lewes fell in love with Tiffany she got eaten. My second disposable only has 2 photos left. We paid a visit to Loch Lomond and posed for vs pictures by the water. It was so beautiful but we couldn’t loiter as it started to rain and slender man was fast approaching. The show was off the hizzay. One of the best we’ve ever played ever. Got to URL to IRL with Honeyblood. Post show we went to Nice’n’Sleazy’s because fawning over the waitresses in flat 0/1 was far too tiring and we wanted to hear some Pavement. My inhaler ran out. Don’t wanna die.


October 20th – Nottingham
Last day of tour 🙁 we spent 6 hours driving from Scotland to Nottingham, James threw up like 4 times and I was the only one lucky enough to witness each one. Everyone is feeling way gross. The Chameleon is the hottest venue in the world, I’ve never sweat that much in my whole life. We had James, Junior and Lex join us on stage again to play some songs for the last time. Jofo were the best I’ve ever seen them. Once we got back to Birmingham we set off the remaining sky lanterns and said our goodbyes. End of tour sucks, like being broken up with when you thought things were going really well. We’ve had the best time ever and made friends for life with jofo and co. Let’s do it again next year okay?


Words: Sam Watkins

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