Young The Giant.

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“Young The Giant create that Jittery and pleasing kind of music that makes you wish away these winter days and hope for the long Summer living to arrive once again. The Five-piece from California is made up of a real cocktail of ethnic backgrounds including Indian, Persian, British, and French Canadian making for a truly unique and inspired sound. This multi-national quintet is set to release their debut single titled ‘Apartment’ in the UK early in the new year. We caught up with Francois of Young The Giant for more of an insight into them and their life as a band….”

Hey Francois, thanks for taking some time to have a chat with us, how’s it going? What are you all up to today?

Being as its the holidays, we are all taking some time off to spend with our respective families.

Can you introduce us to the members of the band and tell us a little bit about the roles you all play in the band?

My name is Francois. I play the drums and sing background vocals in the band.

How would you personally describe your music?

I always have a hard time pinning down what I think we sound like. For the most part, we try to keep our arrangements tight, energetic, and groovy.

Your release of ‘Apartments’ in the UK isn’t far off now! Are you guys excited about it? Will you be heading to England anytime soon?

We are incredibly excited to make the jump over to the UK (Our guitarist is from Lichfield and has been petitioning for a UK release since before we were signed). As of now, we plan on spending some time overseas in early February and are figuring out preliminary logistics for a more extended stay this spring.

So how did the band come about? Where did you all meet?

We all went to high school in the same school district and were each involved in the local music scene in some way or another. With the prospect of time spent at different universities looming, we decided to come together and see how much we could accomplish before heading our separate ways. Once we had all started taking full course loads, we realised it was still possible to pursue the band if we could adapt to using more unorthodox writing methods.

Having played shows with names such as Kings of Leon and Cold War Kids, there must be some amazing memories from your time so far as a band, What are some of your biggest highlights?

I don’t know that I speak for everyone, but a highlight for me was the first show of our first national tour with Minus the Bear. I had been a fan since early high school and there was a very surreal quality to the entire night. It really hit home for me that we were actually making a serious go at this thing.

Do you remember the point when you all realized this could well be more than a hobby?

I can’t say that there was a specific point when it all clicked. It was more of a chain of events over a few months (getting picked up by a management agency, playing with the Kings of Leon and getting some early interest from a few labels). After that, we realized that we needed to make a decision about whether or not we could continue devoting enough time to both school and the band in order to succeed in either.

Originally you were called The Jakes but changed to Young The Giant, what was the reason for the name change?

This is kind of a long story so I’ll give you the abridged version. We felt as though the name “The Jakes” really didn’t reflect where we wanted to be musically. It seemed as though the writing process was becoming clouded by our own preconceptions about the band, some of which were focused on the name.

Where do you all draw your main inspirations from as a band when you’re writing, recording and creating ideas?

I think a lot of the inspiration comes from the earliest writing method we were comfortable with. For a while, we would cram ourselves into a practice space and jam until something cohesive emerged. Although it wasn’t perfect, there is something to be said about trying to merge five creative minds into a focused voice. Working with Joe Chiccarelli also taught us to listen to one another and to back out when someone else has a good idea.

We also listen to a lot of music together and try to analyze influences, tones and songwriting technique.

Living together in a house in Newport Beach must have been an incredible time! Did you guys get a lot done in this time towards the band? There must have been a lot of parties and distractions all the time!

This is a good question. Our parents and management would probably like us to tell you that we were productive and deserving of our position of luxury by the Pacific. That would be a lie. Although we did spend most of our time lounging by the beach, drink in hand, we like to believe that the experience helped us in the creative process later on. Yeah, that sounds good.

What bands are you all listening to at the moment? Any recommendations for us?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Bowie and post-Beatles McCartney (Ram is a favorite of mine). LCD Soundsystem just released a set of live sessions, which is pretty fantastic. New Kanye is also pretty amazing.

Check out Young The Giants awesome Daytrotter session HERE

And keep an eye out for them in the UK in the next couple of months, these guys are set to do great things, you heard it here first!

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