Vondelpark is for Cycling and Getting High

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Vondelpark are, hands-down, the best new band to get high to. Of course that’s not their only defining quality. The ethereal mesh of samples, live instruments, synthesizers and blissed out melodies will keep you hooked even if you’re not in to bunning. Katia went and had a quick chat with them about smoking weed and autotune. Read the interview, but watch the incredible video for Camels – by Ciarán Wood – below, first.

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Apparently Vondelpark is named after a park in Amsterdam…Or is that just a rumour?
Well yeah, and no. We stayed in a hostel there when we were younger. Vondelpark is just a place where everyone cycles and gets stoned, something you can do along to our music.

What’s the best type of weed you’ve ever smoked there?
Blueberry haze. Let’s just do this interview about weed. Matt once had a bad trip on silver haze. It was in the red light district and Matt thought there were gypsies everywhere then came across some weird porn…Splat Attack VI.

Shit, so back to your music, what would you say it is exactly?
We’re really into live sampling at the moment. There’s a lot of that sort of stuff floating around the industry right now but there’s not really anything like a montage of live sampling through a band.

Talking of the music industry, do you think people have lost respect for it?
Definitely, we do gigs in other countries and you get a lot of respect for being a musician, they don’t just stand there and look cool, everyone’s really into it.

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There’s so much auto tune being used everywhere, just look at Rebecca Black or Kanye West. Musicians aren’t perfect so why should they seem it? Do you think it’ll eventually be detrimental to the future of music since young kids will be influenced by these guys and assume it’s the way that it should be done?
Sometimes in pop it’s awful but it can be used in a good way like an extra instrument – Herbie Hancock’s been doing it since the 70s. But yeah I agree, sometime it makes music seem disposable, with new songs coming about every week.

Let’s say you had complete control of the music industry, how would you run it so that music is perceived in the way which you think it deserves to be?
Everyone would sign publishing deals and have their own labels. The fans would buy music and videos for like a hundred quid. Simple.

Yeah totally… and with visuals, obviously they’re a big part of your performance, how do you decide which ones to use?
Brotherly vibes, we just hang out and hear the tracks, with us it always seems to work, we have a really good connection.

So, if you guys were to have a band slogan, what would it be?
Eat an apple every day? Get your legs wet? What would you say?

Bill a zoot?

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