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33-45 is a celebration of vinyl culture and an indication of the week’s releases that we think are worth owning IRL. All records reviewed in this feature are available to purchase as either a 7, 10 or 12 inch record, just follow the links below, but as ever we encourage you to go to your local record store and have a look around, you never know what you may find.

Divorce/Jail House Fuck – Split
Pre-order here

There isn’t actually a release date for this yet, but pre-orders have just been made available and I’ve been told via Twitter that hopefully it’ll be about by the end of the month. That’s not long away and there are only 250 of these being pressed so it might be worth buying it now just to be safe. One thing that isn’t safe is this record, discordant like someone had tried to weaponise the interaction between a needle and a groove. On both sides you can feel the menace in the vocalists eyes as they dare you to take issue with how they sound, the instrumentation cohesive in its disregard for pop sensibilities and joy at the possibilities of noise. It doesn’t really matter that this is a split, these bands come across as siblings. Different sides of the same jagged coin. Glasgow’s Divorce have been playing for a while with consistent brilliance but this is the first I’ve heard of Jailhouse Fuck. From Sweden/ Germany, from what I can tell, they’re distracting to try and Google, I’m gonna hunt down more after hearing this.

Jailhouse Fuck//Divorce split 10″ by Sixsixsixties Records

Fair Ohs – Salt Flats
X-Ray Recordings
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Out Now

Stretching the defined parameters of the column, as ever. I just don’t like to play by the rules dude, or something like that. This isn’t actually a vinyl release, it’s a postcard. Why include it then? Well, because you can play it like a record. This is really cool but there are reasons that this format isn’t in regular use. It does come with the warning “PLEASE NOTE: Sound quality is likely to be poor in this format that’s why there is a free download code”. This shouldn’t be something that bothers you in my opinion. Part of the idea of this column is to maintain the importance of the artifact within the realm of music. Yes, it is the music that is most important but a file on your computer lacks soul, lacks character, this definitely doesn’t. If bought directly it will be sent to you as if it were an actual postcard and come with a personal message from the band. Knowing Fair Ohs that message will be obscene and/or amusing. It’s great to hear new material from the guys even if it will disintegrate each time you play it.

 Salt Flats – Fair Ohs by X-RAY RECORDINGS

Virals – Magic Happens
Buy Here
Out 30th January

We posted about what part of Lovvers are doing these days with the formation of Sharm El Shakes. With Virals we find out more. This is the new project of Shaun Hencher, aforementioned band’s singer. This is very much Shaun’s own project, he played everything but the drums on these tracks and also designed the artwork. In terms of its relationship to Lovvers, it manages to retain similarities in places while pulling away in others. I know this doesn’t really make sense. I guess what I mean is that you might not immediately tag it as the work of a former member but upon being told it is it’s not all that surprising. Obviously, it’s still Shaun’s voice but it’s much clearer here than on OCD GO GO GO Girls. The guitar parts are less scrappy punk and more scrappy guitar pop that’s still quite punky. Out on Monday on Sexbeat.

Virals – Magic Happens by Sexbeat London

Actress – Actress Meets Shangaan Electro
Honest Jons
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Out Now

Shangaan Electro is something of a niche genre. If you’ve not heard of it I’m not sure if I should implore you to get on Youtube or warn you to stay away. I guarantee that you will spend some time investigating if you do, I cannot guarantee you will be the same afterwards. It’s African dance music and the culture around it is not what you’d expect. This record is London based producer Actress’ take on the genre. In my mind it’s not quite as bizarre, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m just acclimatised to the weirdness (it doesn’t come with video footage of a child on the back of an African man in an orange jumpsuit and clown makeup) or because he’s toned it down a bit. Whichever it is this record is great and exposing madness to the world needn’t only be the purview of escapees from Arkham.

Actress Meets Shangaan Electro – 2 (clip) by Honest Jons

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