Video: Liars – Brats

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Brats is the polar opposite to recent single No. 1 Against The Rush‘s broodingly dark synth-pop, opting instead for repetitive, gurning samples and trippy (good trip AND bad trip) vocals. The video, created by Ian Cheng, looks like a severely bad scene from mid-90s programming school, where the programmer has a vague enough idea of what he’s doing to create a repetitive world of suffering, trapping his creations inside ill conceived environs without the physics for escape. This learning curve is not unlike the one undertaken by the God of the Old Testament, where his warped creations were wired up all wrong, predisposed to bouts of violence and hallucination, had bits falling off them and were faced with ‘Game Over’ screens at bizarre points in the game, i.e Death. Like Liars, computing and all creation, you might become a master of your art but that doesn’t make it any saner.

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