Video: Carter Tutti Void – V2 (Edit)

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Transverse is already one of my favourite albums of the year. It’s horrible fucking noise and as intense as having your eyes wedged open with matchsticks as you’re forced to watch someone defile a family member, what’s not to love. You can now see a video of part of it being performed at the Roundhouse. The record itself is out on the 26th of March.


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Joe Cooke.

You see our background? Yeah you do because it's both sides of this article. Joe took that photo and he also took all these photos.


The Clock


We just can't keep our eyes off The Clock.


Interview: Virals

Virals is the new band from Shaun Hencher, the former singer in LOVVERS. It was very sad for everyone when they split up but with this and Sharm El Shakes…