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Objectophilia is a term to describe, for want of a better term, when people fetishise over buildings or objects. It’s a real thing. Objectophiles believe that because the materials used to build objects were once alive, that those objects or buildings are still a living entity for which you can develop a sexual attraction towards.

I’m kind of running away a bit with that intro, but the point I was leading to is that this band, Buildings, are way more worth fetishising over than a physical building. For you objectophiles out there though, Buildings sure do live up to their name; big instrumental soundscapes to match the giddy heights of the Petronus Towers, all the way down to manic, jumpy riff driven tunes reminiscent of gnarly shacks in Brazilian favelas. They kindly sent us their list of current influences for you to peruse.

[vsw id=”-uRnvMwD6jM” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Rahsaan Roland Kirk: “Say a Little Prayer”
This is some of the most incredible live footage I’ve ever watched in my entire life. I can’t even describe how great this is. These guys are so free but know how to keep it tight. Bands just don’t play like this anymore.

Grant Peterson (bicycle designer)
No one produced art about the soulful subculture of bicycling the way so many artists have portrayed surfing and motorcycling.  A lot of us do have that kind of relationship with our bikes, though.  Apologies to the late Sheldon Brown, but Peterson’s at the center of any real cosmogony for this modern universe of bike-love.

[vsw id=”i-Zsl3kJlVc” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

The Great Ecstacy of Woodcarver Steiner (movie)
Probably the only sports film scored by Popol Vuh. Watching this is like watching an elemental emotion for forty-five minutes. AND I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it ends.

[vsw id=”fYm2LS8Mtl0″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Fractal Geometry
Scientists and mathematicians aren’t very different from artists. Mandelbrot had a very creative mind and helped people understand the natural world around them and love it even more. I like the boundless infinity one can imagine within one shape. It can be beautiful and terrifying all at once.

[vsw id=”NUfsBDAGRNQ” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Amanda Lear:
Our tastes are growing more and more campy. Be it films / books / music whatever… I think when people don’t try so hard to be conventional, amazing and raw ideas can slip through.

[vsw id=”sldoaXhnbI0″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Kelly’s Apollo
People are overexposed to a lot of art, all of the time, and don’t know where to start in making something new or interesting. It makes me feel nauseous when all this music and art and media and irony is constantly being thrown at you or shoved in your face. Nothing is sacred anymore. For some reason this video gives me hope. Whoever made this just took two things (that they probably got on the internet) and made a really epic, beautiful and inspiring youtube video. Sometimes it’s just that easy and it makes me consider selling my guitar and getting a better computer.

[vsw id=”5_W9HLWZfOo” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Jimmy Webb: “P.F. Sloan”
Jimmy Webb proves music has everything to do with expression and nothing to do with execution.  Fame has to do with execution, and fame isn’t music.

They’re the first band on in this video:

[vsw id=”19797273″ source=”vimeo” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]



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