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Pop Punk has had a rash of bad luck in recent years; in part to an untiring shitslide of energy drink sponsored, headband sporting day-glo pixies making moves on your kid sister (she’s a slag). So it’s nice to find a band like Basement, who approach the 90’s pop punk of bands like Millencollin, Lagwagon, Bad Religion (All the bands you heard on Tony Hawks – don’t lie) with a hint of the solemn maturity of 90’s Emo  bands like Cap’n Jazz, Elliot and Moss Icon.  It’s an interesting and relatively individual endeavour in context of the British scene on a whole, which arguably for the vast majority gears towards the hardcore spectrum. So with that in mind, we asked them to do us an Under The Influence. GETTOKNOWGETTOKNOWGETTOKNOW

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travis millard art illustration illustrator

Travis Millard (art)

Travis Millard has inspired myself and James (our drummer) for years, and can be seen in our zines and on peoples envelopes. Travis is famed for his doodle style illustrations and DIY approach to art. We love drawing and try to personalise our merch orders packages, I feel it adds something cool to a package and is an extra thanks from us to the person buying our shirts/zines for helping us out. Travis Millard’s zines are one of my favourite things to buy if I have any spare cash in my paypal and they are one of the reasons we started making our zines in the first place. Unlike a lot of hardcore zines that are just interviews and reviews and badly printed pictures we decided to follow a more humorous approach with a focus on stories, illustrations and information on topics like building a fixed gear bike, why skateboarding is better than football and where to find the best pizza in the USA.



The fact theres nothing to do where we live.

We live in a small town called Ipswich where is literally nothing to do… its not just that though, its one of those places full of people that donothing. its stagnant. its so easy to get caught up in getting a bad job and moving into a bad house and living a bad life. everyone here works for the weekend and spends that weekend forgetting the previous week. this band started because we are not those people. we always look for something to do, even if it’s just hang out or skate or something. As there is very little to do we have refused to accept it and have decided to do something about it, and i guess that’s one of the main reason the band started in the first place; it was something to do and something we loved. I guess what I am trying to say is we have to make our own fun, our own things to do. Whether it is playing in the band, finding abandoned warehouses to skate in, doing graffiti, putting on shows, riding bikes or just hanging out.

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Influence on Lyrics.

The main thing that has a direct influence on my lyrics is past and sometimes present relationships, and i think this is obvious. I used to have an issue with writing about such things as I felt it was emasculating or something; but now it’s all I care about. All the music I listen to, the films I watch and the books I read are about inconsistent and irrational emotional behaviour. I find the whole concept of feeling incomplete fascinating. I’ve always been interested in things that are obviously negative, but not in a depressive or self-deprecating way. I’m just intrigued by things that cause strong feelings, and unfortunately it seems that most of the time, the strongest feelings are those that are negative. I would like to add here that i am not an openly negative person! I hate people that inflict negativity on other people. It’s unnecessary.

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The Ataris.

This was the first band myself and Alex ever listened to that sang about girls. We both got copies of ‘End Is Forever’, from wiser and more ‘punk’ kids and fell in love with the band. It’s one of those bands like Saves The Day, where you hear what Roe says and you think…that is ‘it’. this is the complete truth and this has happened to me. Sometimes his lyrics are so obvious and blatant that if anyone else said them they would sound awful. It’s weird, because we sound nothing like them, but I always cite them as an influence. It’s just because it’s a band I haven’t stopped listening to since I was about 13 and they mean so much to me.

This guy

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