Then & Now – The Press Plays.

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The Press Plays are a new band from London, sporting a couple of ex metros and some other very talented folk. Their singer Lily compiled her then & now playlist for us, what a lovely thing to do.


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The Lemonheads- Alison’s starting to happen

This song will always stay with me. Remembrance of drunken bus rides from Scottish Countryside to Town, overlooking the whisky in pocket and a cheeky pack of cigarettes stolen from Mum’s freezer stash. A song of fifteen year old rebellion, sweet pop excitement. Oh how it was to be young! Long live the 44B bus!

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Saint Ettiene- Hug My Soul

I found this song after raking through my dad’s collection one morning. What a day that was. Saint Ettiene will always inspire. Perfection in every way. Production magnifique! There is something of the orchestral parts for me in this piece. Flutes and strings mixed with an electro drum beat. The rush crescendo up to the chorus of “Ill be there’ with a question and answer melody form the flutes as sweet as lemon sorbet. A summer song for every year. For me will always remind me of 2006. Another thing listen out for is that xylophone solo. Have you ever heard it so good?

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Talking Heads- I Zimbra

There was disco roaring through my heart five years ago…This song seems to say a lot.

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Devo- Be Stiff

This was always a favourite of mine. My Uncle Bill gave it to me on a mix tape. IT MAKES YOU WANT TO BURN. The tape had a whole collection of things. From the joyful X Ray Spex to Talking Heads. Long live that Mix Tape.

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Flaming Lips – In the Morning of The Musicians

Seeing the Flaming Lips live at the Usher Hall will always be a highlight of my youth in Edinburgh. Seeing Wayne Coyne throw giant balloons towards swaying crowd dressed in a pink and yellow bear suit while serenading this song. Calm after the storm.

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(This is Marquee Moon, youtube doesn’t have days)


Walks to the school up the cycle path. Waiting for the day that I began art school and start a band.


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The Pet Shop Boys- October Symphony

I’ve just recently been listening to this song. Totally sublime. Lyrically, melodically. The whole package. A driving song if ever there was one. Listen for that string section in the chorus. Tears will well.


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Fairport Convention- Meet on the Ledge

Fairport always gives me the feeling of the ecstatic shiver.Sandy Denny’s vocals twinned with the Fairport boys. She will always be a huge inspiration for the way that I sing. Her voice will haunt you until your last days.


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The Smiths – William, It was really nothing

Yes indeed, flowers would drop from his back pocket as he sang. His angluar jaw moving in motion as the angelic vocal waves press towards our chosen ears. Its something about the first line to this piece. “The Rain falls Down on a humdrum town’. Its the rhythm and speed of the vocals working against the heavy string guitar backing. Morrisey’s ship rocking against the salty spit of his guitars.









The Assembly- A synth Pop band form in Basildon in 1983

They got Feargal Sharkey to sing on this song. A lovely piece. They planned to get a different singer to sing on every track they ever recorded. With Sharkey involved they hit the jackpot.

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Elan Tamara- Because there has to be one contemporary

I saw Miss Tamara play with her talented band last week at the Macbeth in Hoxton. They play very well. Beautifully sung with glorious synth sounds.

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