Then & Now – Prosthetik Intelligentz.

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Prosthetik Intelligentz is some supercalifragillisticexpialaDOPESHIT. They also have a song called that. Prosthetik are made up of producer ‘B doom’ and artist ‘Ezzie B’ coming out of Fayetteville, NC. They have a pet alien aptly named ‘hip hop’ who travels around with them and makes appearances on their blog, so look out for him – hip hop’s gonna be big. Here’s their then & now playlist, and make sure to check out their last fm and blog to enjoy some hypnotising hip hop.


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Kanye West ft. Adam Levine – Heard ‘Em Say

So we all murmur that Kanye is an asshole, but anyone that’ll say that this track wasn’t amazingly composed and Adam Levine didn’t vocally put the icing of the musical cake should be tarred and feathered.

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Gorillaz ft. De La Soul – Feel Good Inc.

I’ve (B. Doom) always been intrigued by the Gorillaz quirky funk sound. I’ve been a Gorillaz fan since the very first time I heard “Clint Eastwood”. The lead singer 2D has a peculiar yet unique voice that’s undeniably ill. Plus De La on the track was a bonus as well as a welcomed surprise.

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Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed

First heard this song in 2005 during my freshman year of college… had just started getting into R&B seeing as I (Ezzie B.) was out of mom’s house and could finally listen to a genre other than Gospel lol… Stevie was actually one of the first artists I sought after listen to all of his works/material…If you ask me he’s one of the last few living musical geniuses today.

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Little Brother – Lovin’ It

(B. Doom)This was the first Little Brother song I’d ever heard. It was also the first time I’d heard of 9th Wonder. By the time the sample sang “I wonder why” I was through! Like many other LB fans I was upset that I was JUST starting to tune in to them then. They’re a Hip-Hop template of what’s going on right in our genre. Just wish they couldn’t kept it together… you know… for the kid’s sake!

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Kanye West feat. Nas – We Major

Imagine getting to do a song with your hero. Imagine that song being about you getting to do a song with your hero. Imagine that song being DOPE. We Major.


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J-Live – The Way That I Rhyme

Now this right here is another prime example of the rebirth of classic Hip-Hop. J-Live has been doin’ it for a while in the underground scene and it doesn’t look like any of that is about to change anytime soon. The first time I (Ezzie B.) heard it was when it came on an underground internet radio station I listen to while driving. I was like, “What language it that?! Or is that a sample?! Are they playing a voice backwards?!” Now I don’t even care, I just want to listen.

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Mos Def – Casa Bey

I (B. Doom) watched an interview with Mos in which he said that after laying this track if he died tomorrow then he would die happy. Because he knew Casa Bey would reach the masses, and that shit is DEEP.. But when I heard it, I knew why. It’s quite possibly my favorite song period. “Stanzas and anthems based on expansion a vantage point of the past, present and after.” The man is a Hip-Hop Messiah.

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Jay Electronica – Exhibit C

Jay Electronica was already on our radar from Exhibit A. But when Exhibit C dropped it was straight wambigaskins! Just Blaze’s sample selection of Billy Stewart’s “Cross My Heart” was right on time; Plus Jay’s methodical wordplay was a recipe for Rap Sarin Gas. The icing on the cake was that it was REAL Hip-Hop and it was getting mad spins on the radio. This joint gave commercial heads who pay no attention to lyrical ability a chance to bask in the glow of a true MC without turning off their precious radio.

[vsw id="3IuiSfmu4PI" source="youtube" width="600" height="400" autoplay="no"]

Jazmine Sullivan feat. Missy Elliott – Holding You Down

This song is an eventual classic. Stemming from the fact the Jazmine has one of the BEST female voices in the business, to her having Misdemeanor” Elliott on the track, to the very fact that the song that the track was sampled from makes this track an instant R&B favorite.

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Usher Raymond feat. WILL.I.AM

This track is BANANAS. The production, the beat, the vocals… The BEAT alone can’t even be put in a specific genre. WILL.I.AM put his FOOT into this beat. Usher did his thing on the track but WILL.I.AM put his FOOT in this beat.

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