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Exlovers released their new single ‘Blowing Kisses’ but 2 days prior to today. ‘Monday 7th March’ So in tune with such an event we asked Pete & Laurel of Exlovers for their very own ‘Then & Now’ playlist…..

PETE – Then Playlist.

Slowdive -Machine Gun

Just a brief disclaimer before I give my choices, I find it difficult
to do my favourite music justice by describing the way it makes me
feel or the way it sounds. I don’t wish to sound like a critic so I’ll
have to keep this brief.
Machine Gun sounds really good when played very loudly.

Sparklehorse – Sad And Beautiful World

One of the many wonderful songs from vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot.

Jesus And Mary Chain – You Trip Me Up

Just a great song from a great album.

PETE- Now Playlist.

Beach house – Gila

The first song I heard of theirs and still my favourite of their songs.

The National – Slow Show

A lovely Italian girl called Elena played this song to me and I have
been hooked on them ever since.

LAUREL – Then Playlist.

PJ Harvey – The Slow Drug

This is a beautifully subtle song. It was perfect for listening to on
a rainy Sunday in the greyness of New Cross. Polly knows how to
produce wonderfully emotive music without being obvious. I love her.

Grizzly Bear – Colorado

This song has serious atmosphere. The resonance and depth of sound
coupled with wonderful dynamics and arrangement never fail to blow me

Cat Power – He War

This song has amazing drive to it. Cat’s voice has the ability to
combine such fragility and strength. I love the simplicity of the 
instrumentation and the rawness of the production.

PETE – Now Playlist.

School of Seven Bells – Half asleep

This song has a brilliant melody, I think that’s what makes it for me.
Also the slightly different qualities of the twins voices work
wonderfully together.

Warpaint – Elephants

I love the dynamics of this song, and the way the chorus comes in with
a really unexpected bass line that almost shouldn’t work, but
completely does. A band that rarely writes songs under four minutes
has to know how to keep your attention!

Go check out Exlovers new single ‘Blowing Kisses’ over at their website





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