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We decided it would be cool if you could see what music your favourite bands were listening to five years ago, and if those influences carried through to what they’re doing nowadays, so we’re asking them to list five songs they were listening to five years ago, and five they’re listening to now.

Tape Deck Mountain


Mew – Snow Brigade
This is perhaps the only song I’ve ever heard with tasteful use of the slap bass. I discovered Mew at the tale end of my obsession with Scandinavian bands.

Sufjan Stevens – The Seer’s Tower
Between Seven Swans, Michigan & Illinois I was burnt out on Sufjan by 2006. Seer’s Tower was probably my favourite jam, perhaps I should dust off those records and revisit The Seer’s Tower.

Belle and Sebastian – Slow Graffiti
Another band I got burnt out on. I always thought Slow Graffiti was a genius song title, almost used it as a band name a couple times.

Flaming Lips – Yoshimi
Everything I’ve ever thought of doing in music the Lips have probably already done. Turns out they ripped off Cat Stevens in this song, so maybe I have some hope.

Richard Swift – Sad Song St.
The perfect closer to a near perfect 20 minute masterpiece – ‘The Novelist’. Good for mix cd’s or tape’s too.


Atlas Sound – Shelia
A conundrum of a song….simple yet complex, dark yet poppy, & sad yet happy. I’m confused and want to fall in love with this Shelia character.

Gothic Archies – Smile, No One Cares How You Feel
Just when I thought I’d heard all of Stephen Merritt’s discography I stumble upon an old jewel like the Gothic Archies.

Black Lips – Bad Kids
Such a fun song, makes me wish I was out causing a ruckus in high school being a bad kid instead of sitting in my room depressed listening to Radiohead and Smashing Pumpkins.

Girls – Morning Light
The whole ‘Album’ is super diverse, this song is my favorite. Reminds me of old Swirlies in a loud shoegaze/pop goodness sort of way.

Cuckoo Chaos – Jamb Song
We share a label (Lefse) and town (San Diego) with Cuckoo. ‘Jamb Song’ perfectly makes you bop and hop your head around, can’t wait for the full-length.

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