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I turn my head for literally a second , and Fred Durst had started ciphering over Pantera riffs, it was mesmerizing but when I realized what was truly manifesting, it was too late ( I bought a Korn CD too, my bad), luckily that abomination, broken and unwanted, staggered off these shores years ago (phew!), but the memories still plague me. I admit I dropped the ball, so for my part in rearing that particular demon, I wholeheartedly apologize. No surprises though that we didn’t learn from history’s blemishes and have hit and ran from a fair share of other musical carcass’s since. I am not proud (pride’s for racists) but I am not ashamed either, I listened to my fair share of LL Cool J, but much like Jesus I will shoulder the burden of your sins, here’s a languid attempt to apologize, and a list of our crimes.

Myspace was a double edged sword connecting the musical world so everyone can hear (my)your mixtape of (me)you beatboxing Dilla beats, but also creating a saturated scene strangled by competition, giving everyone musical ADHD ,and spawning a mindset where quality is sacrificed for contrived sonical fusions to standout. And that is why we have Crunkcore, to be fair, it’s not exactly the most established of scenes, bar BrokeCyDe I couldn’t name you another Crunkcore band, however it is the perfect example of that tactless ‘cross genre’ gimmickery, putting the suffix ‘step’ if it resembles anything electronic, and the prefix ‘core’ if it has guitars in it. Hardcore doesn’t need keytars, I heard your song, I took time and judged it with a clear head, and we don’t need keytars in hardcore, pack that shit up, send it back to casio. Musical elitism aside, don’t listen to this, it’s offensive.
Post Grunge
Blinded by deep seated messianic complexes and mistaking angst for singing like your straining one out, Post-grunge has been blighting society one megabowl at a time. motivating us through vague lyrics, about what  a fucking hero you could be if you just believed in yourself and watched the Spiderman movie. Luckily it sounds like they are juggling the same song between the whole trend, so lets hope it just dies out once they have all had a go, and just pray they don’t write another one. Sorry guys, at least their having fun aye?
For anyone unaware, emo originated as a scene more associated with bookish boys a bit too willing to bend over for Morrissey to be in the hardcore scene, now it exists, lingering on Vampire posting it’s twilight fan fiction and buying arm socks off ebay. I am all for music evolution, but this isn’t evolution, this is diversion. This is kidnapping it and making it watch Tim Burton movies, guantanomesque number of times. Go away Tim Burton, I met you once and you ignored my ‘hello’, I know you have no obligation to return my salutation, but that was just rude. Saying all this it does the serve the purpose of annoying music geeks who are just stumbling over themselves to tell me that kids today don’t know what ‘true’ emo is, forgetting that kids today don’t care.
Pop Punk
We never stood a chance with this one, I was shown a video on the internet ‘1 guy, 1 screwdriver’, details need not be told, but subsequently faux-nazism and swearing at Bill Grundy isn’t going to cut it. Additionally in comparison the kids making punk now have little to be angry at as well, Bragg had Thatchers Britain, Public Enemy had White America,-Season’s 3 of Skins hasn’t gone down well. So forgive us for turning it into a corporate cash cow, it was mostly the americans, but we bought it, not me mind, I support my music industry by downloading music illegally.
Hip Hop
People cite the regression of mainstream hip hop down to it’s subject matter, those people need to get off their high horse. and understand you should only rap about what’s true to you, and if that happens to be shawties, blunts and fourties then so be it, your in no place to judge. No, it’s not the subject, its the delivery. Fifty Cent got shot in the face, Kanye West face was in a metal casket and T.I may have downs, but it’s no excuse, Biggie would be shuffling awkwardly in his grave if he heard some of the rhythmical diarrhoea drivelling out through these grillz. There is an art to everything, even hyping yourself up and talking about gatting people.
[vsw id=”gJqpDIrAKR0″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
People have told me, this is Dubstep’s Golden Era, without hindsight, I can’t comment on that, what I can say is that to me it’s turned from an endearingly esoteric take on garage, to the sound track to ‘Big Dave’s Night On The Pull’, with the infamous Big Dave drunkenly swaggering out of the clubs the distant buzz of that bass in the background.  I think it would be unfair to dislike dubstep because of it’s venture into the mainstream, but it is fair to say. like most of the aforementioned genre’s, it suffered heavily to the hands of lazy bandwagoning.

words Wazid Abdul.

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