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Christmas. How could I forget. I took the tree down in the middle of May and now it’s November. Officially, the majority of my year is festive. Which is OK because I quite like Christmas, Die Hard is one of my favourite films and any excuse to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vaction is fine by me. Also, people tend to act slightly less like arseholes around Christmas, which is immediately proceeded by them reverting back to bastardry the second they wake up with a gnarly hangover of broken promises on New Years day + 1 and are forced to deal with the reality that the world is not made of tinsel and ecstacy tablets.

Post millennium Christmas’ have all been a bit shit though, haven’t they? I know we are in the future so everything has to have this sleekly designed white hue like it was made at Apple, but don’t we all honestly long for the Christmas’ of the 80s and 90s? All those lights just waiting to burn the house down. A huge technicolour mess of a tree battling with gravity because every available branch has been loaded up with some festive trinket or other. Sleigh bells slamming out of the stereo to the tune of whoever was the pop ruler of the day. Tinsel hanging from every conceivable surface and a cat tripping its balls off on catnip compounded by all violently bright colours everywhere he looks. You know, liking that stuff because it’s actually awesome and not because of some vintage, post-ironic nonsense. CHRISTMAS.

My biggest gripe about 21st century Christmas’ is that pop artists (with the exception of the Darkness’ valiant offering) have shirked their responsibility to provide society with Christmas songs, leaving Cliff Richard with free reign over the last decade of festive gloom. What will this say about us as a generation when people look back on our time and the cultural legacy we have left behind and all they see is Cliff Richard on some born again christian kick? I don’t want to be judged that way. Do you? Then again, I’m not sure if I have the stomach for a Dubstep Christmas (though I seriously fear this is the year), perhaps even worse is the idea of Alex Turner spreading his unique brand of northern bleakness over everything.

Cue a stone cold babe in some festive attire (OMG Zooey Deschanel!!!), a folk singer (M. Ward, a bit bleak but he’s on a festive trip so that’s fine) break out the bucks fizz and lets put our stamp on Christmas before it’s too late, we owe it to ourselves.

She & Him – Christmas Day by Double Six


She & Him release Christmas Day on 19th December through Domino 

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