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I know there’s no real place for this list on this site, but I’m realising a life long dream later today when I go to see Blink 182 at the Millennium Dome (because that’s what it was called when I was 15), so humour me.

Always – S/T

I’ve got a feeling that Always might just be one of the best pop songs I have ever heard, even if you take away the fact that this is Blink 182, anyone, muso or otherwise, should be able to appreciate this as a brilliant love song. Echos of The Cure cry out in the verses and the underlying guitar; it’s just an incredible pop song that has almost never-ending replay value.

Mutt – Enema of the State

Enema of the State was such a classic, realistically who didn’t own a copy of that album? It’s become a western rite of passage for fourteen year-old boys to feel like three twenty-something southern Californians are entirely reflective of all your awkwarness with the opposite sex. Fourteen year olds are dumb and this album is dumb but that’s why it’s universal. If I remember rightly (superfan) Mutt was based on a guy who lived in a van and just spent all his time surfing, smoking loads of weed and having a lot of sex with his girlfriend in the aforementioned van, we are talking about serious influences here. It also has the line, “he wants to bone, this I know, she is ready to blow” and when I was 14 that was all I ever wanted and I think, potentially is all I still want because of this song.

Anthem pt 2 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

What an opening to an album, completely defiant. If there was any more angst in this song, it would literally be a kid waving an anarchist flag at a stop the war demo. I remember listening to this and being at an age where I thought I knew everything, I wanted to leave home and just get on with shit myself, suffice to say I probably would have perished immediately but this song just summed that up for me. When you’re 16, your parents are the sole source of woe in life and YOU didn’t even ask to be born, so you’re damned if you’re going to conform to THEIR rules. It’s ironic how this song is an anthem for that fact, about being defiant against the grown up world, when what it’s really saying is “FUCK OFF, I’M AN ADULT AND I CAN DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANT”. I’m an adult now and all that involves is being jaded, apathetic and corrupt, no wonder kids hate us.

Waggy – Dude Ranch

Blink 182 were inescapably dumb for about half of their career, and unfortunately that completely overshadowed the flashes of genius they showed infrequently with tracks like this. Waggy is by far the smartest song on Dude Ranch (don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible album). It’s clever because it’s not your typical angst-riddled sexual frustration that punctuates a lot of their music, it’s actually about taking time out and just letting the dust settle. There aren’t many, if any, songs about ideas as sensible as that.

Another Girl Another Planet

Blink 182 have, to my knowledge, covered 4 songs; The Longest Line by NOFX and Freak Scene by Dinosaur Jr, which both appear on the Flyswatter demo EP; Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself; and this awesome cover of the Only Ones classic Another Girl Another Planet for Travis Barker’s reality show, Meet the Barkers. It’s the most unashamedly pop thing I’ve ever heard, so much so it barely even sounds like them. What am I saying? This has got Blink 182 written all over it and as such sounds exactly what you’d expect them covering something to sound like.

Dammit – Dude Ranch

How was this song not going to be on this list? Archetypal ex-girlfriend break-up song. I wonder how many kids have stomped around their bedroom with this blasting out of their speakers whilst their ‘girlfriend’ dumps them over whatever IM client. I bet it’s over a million. One million scornful children trying to shove a television remote control up their arse because shit ain’t going their way today.

All the Small Things – Enema of the State

I don’t even like this song, in fact I hate it. But I owe it a debt of gratitude as it was the gateway track that got me in to this band all those years ago. This song actually saved me from becoming a Limp Bizkit fan, I had both singles and God knows what I would be today if I had gone down that route; angular facial hair, baggy jeans and chunky shoes I’ll bet. It’s amazing that a song as blatantly pop as this is the thing that dragged me into a world of safety pins and other ‘punk-rock-paraphernalia’. All these years later and the song is still catchier than AIDs. A true triumph.

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More Seven Deadlies here.

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