Flip: Extremely Sorry OST.

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Revolutionary in its conception, the soundtrack to Flip’s fervently anticipated new video was composed entirely by one man. In the past, skate-videos have been synonymous with breaking new bands or indeed establishing certain songs as something that many would associate primarily with the section that it accompanies; Sonic Youth on Jerry Hsu’s Bag of Suck or Band of Horses’ ‘The Funeral’ on Guy Mariano’s Fully Flared section for example. This time round Baron, a British drum & bass producer, composed every song on the video (You can find out more about that in our interview with the man himself), but the question is, does it work? And the answer is yes it does actually. Collaborations with Lemmy, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo, Pennywise’s Jim Lindberg and Snoop Dogg are all worth a download but while you’re at it you might as well get the whole thing.

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