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Thomas de Moyencourt

Meet indie-come-disco DJ Tommy Gun (aka Thomas de Moyencourt) from sunny Cape Town, South Africa. Tommy made his name playing at the weekly Untamed Youth parties on Tuesday nights, more proof, if more were needed, that Tuesday nights are the best party nights on the planet. Not content with merely being asked to play the party he became such a force within it that he is now the master resident and top promo dog.

His latest mix shows the breadth of his talents, seamlessly mixing all of that leftfield indie noise with lush disco goodness and opting for the patient non-commercial route over lowest common denominator dancefloor bangers. A true force to be reckoned with and we can’t wait to see him in the UK some time next year.

Here are a few words with the man himself.

How did you come to be a DJ?

I owe a lot to lady luck, and a lot more to my dad. He is an antiques collector and used to buy new records at the market every week. I grew up surrounded by hundreds of classics (jazz, motown, rock ‘n roll, disco), it was almost inevitable. I started out playing friends’ 21st’s at UCT (University of Cape Town) – Summer of ’69 would come out only when it really had to!

What was your first record?

Fortunately there were many, but I’ll pick out Beast Of Burden and Miss You by The Rolling Stones as my two all-time favourites.

Any attempts to get into production?

Time is unfortunately not on my side. I have assisted my producer/DJ friend Ben Ludik in remixing I Will Survive! It’s about three quarters finished, purely for fun.

Playing a weekly residency how do you keep things fresh and hold the interest of the crowd week after week?

I’m always looking… Way too much of my life is spent online, but I get a kick out of pushing good new music forward. It’s about more than just playing the latest Hype Machine charted track. Untamed Youth is left-field, it’s alternative, we’re on the underdog team!

What does the future hold?

I have to mention the Lake of Stars festival (1-2 Oct) on the shores of Lake Malawi… It’s a for charity thing in an extraordinary setting. Mostly with African music but Foals are playing too (!), as well as a good few SA bands. And I’m ridiculously excited to play at Rocking The Daisies the week after (7-8 October), a big festival on a wine farm outside of Cape Town. Band of Skulls are down for that. If I were reading this in the UK I would book my ticket for both immediately right now!

Tommy Gun – August 2011 by Tommy.Gun

1. Lasertom – Heaven’s In The Backseat 
2. M83 – Midnight City 
3. Golden Bug – Sex Beat (Mustang Remix Instrumental) 
4. La Royale – Need 
5. Midnight Savari – Pinisi (The C90s Remix) 
6. Mitzi – India (Joakim Remix) 
7. Black Strobe – Me & Madonna 
8. Kamp! – Cairo (JBAG Remix) 
9. Punks Jump Up – Chimes pt.1 
10. Noah and the Whale – Life Is Life (Yuksek Remix) 
11. Siriusmo – Feromonikon (CD Edit) 
12. Beat Connection – In the Water



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