Mixtape Monday: Antwerp

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Nico is an Italian producer based in London who has been making ‘those in the know’ dance for a while now. A short time back he cemented his place in our hearts with his EP, Equinox, and was kind enough to answer a few questions and give us an exclusive mix. As you’ll see, the man’s got taste.

EQUINOX ep by _antwerp_

You were born in Italy and live in London, I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but why name yourself after a Belgian city?

According to the myth, Antwerp can be translated to old English as ‘thrown hands’. Once I dreamt I threw my hands onto people as a sign of lucid irritation, I was looking for their attention. As weird as it may sound, I woke up in the morning and decided to record and sample all the objects (or the sounds you could produce playing them) contained in my dreams. After several searches on Google, I ended up discovering the ancient meaning for the word Antwerp. So I thought, couldn’t I play this surreal music project under that bandname?

Obviously, Antwerp is a bit more famous than you are, this makes it quite hard to hunt for things about you on Google, is this intentional or does it bother you?

Antwerp city is largely more famous than Antwerp music, I know. It doesn’t bother me anyway. I would ask Beirut or other famous places/band names if they had similar ‘problems’ in the beginning!

When was it and why did you decide to make London your home?

I got bored easily in Genoa. London is an amazing merry-go-round. Sometimes I need to get down though. London’s vertigo velocity makes me feel dizzy, my head’s spinning and I lose my interior balance, so I leave and come back to start another round.

Were you making music back in Italy and have you found that your style has changed since relocating?

Definitely, you breathe ‘impulses’ living here in London. When I moved here, everything was new and inspiring to me, as it still is now. I was looking for a resonant change in me. The urban texture, the vast amount of art galleries and the obsessive research of new sounds made me run back home every evening and lock my bedroom door. Being isolated here gave birth to my ideas and feelings.

You’ve made a fair few remixes at this point, how different do you find it remixing other peoples tracks to working on your own productions?

Extremely different. It’s like a collaboration between different artists, I see it normally just as a challenge. The more I’m ‘sonically’ far from the artists’ productions, the more pleasure I will get out of remixing their tracks.

What can people expect from the live set?

Just me, switching on/off several luminous buttons.

Have you got any releases in the pipeline?

Maybe… details soon.

How would you describe the mix you’ve made for us?

A permanent state of jet lag.


Stream and download Antwerp’s exclusive mix for mint magazine here: http://ge.tt/9qdpEHA?c



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