Mint Podcast: Close Encounters of the Heard Kind #5

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This week our podcast, Close Encounters of the Heard Kind, is joined by Mint Magazine columnist Tom Hinton, you know, the man responsible for all of those 33-45 vinyl review columns that we assume you spend all of your money on every weekend. We come back for some more opinions on the BBC sound of 2012 list and the usual ‘not so witty’ chit chat. Expect lo-fi values offset by a great track selection and some informative words from your hosts, Marcus Harris and Ian James.

  Close Encounters of the Heard Kind x5 by Close_Encounters_MINTMAG

1) Catherine Okada – Night Bus

2) AU – Solid Gold

3) Bro Safari – Da Worm

4) Clor – Love + Pain

5) Lasers from Atlantis – Reverb City

6) New York Transit Authority – Off The Traxx

7) Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis

8.) Scarlett and the Pixels – Sea Of LCD (Scarlet Etienne Remix)

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Listen to the archive here.

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