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It’s kinda refreshing to switch up the mix series this week with some home-grown talent(As much as we love L.A and all of it’s talented souls) in the form of Brighton’s Ambassadeurs. Who gifted us a mixed yet perfectly formed selection of artists and tracks spanning Moscow to Brighton to London to Glasgow and back, with a few familiar; and few not so familiar tracks along the way.

Hi, Where are you from?
Originally from a little seaside town called worthing, near brighton.

How long have you been making beats for?
I have been creating music for as long as I can remember, from my days of attempting to make tracks on my familys old Amiga 500 computer using Octamed software which involved typing in manually every note in this vertical scrolling sequencer, limited to only a few voices simultaneously. From then I moved onto learning the guitar, piano and bass and playing in bands, eventually the two elements came together, the electronic production combining with the traditional instruments and that was when I guess the real music making begun.

Key Influences on your life/music?
In terms of musical influences my musical tastes are very varied, I listen to music of every genre and can find parts of music I appreciate in most things. There are a few albums that I have listened to though that have been the most inspirational.
The first album inspired me to get into music production and made me look at sound in a different way. I must have been about 15, my dad had just bought a really nice hi-fi and I remember sitting there listening to this Pink Floyd album ‘Wish You Were Here’ and hearing the music in a completely different way and hearing all the tiniest parts of the sound, from then on I started really appreciating amazingly produced and sounding music. Other key albums would be Dre’s 2001 and A Tribe Called Quests Midnight Marauders.

Software/Hardware used to make your music?
When producing I mostly work inside Logic whilst routing things in and out through various outboard processors and sound modules, my favourites being this Electro Harmonix Black Finger tube compressor, sounds amazing when pushed hard, an old Emu Planet Phatt which is great for subs and 808s etc, an Alesis SR-16 which i have circuit bent myself is pretty useful for bit crushed drums and glitched out sounds, recently picked up this old¬†Japanese¬†analogue echo unit which I have been using a lot lately, it doesnt work properly and theres no real way of controlling it but its unpredictable and creates some great sounds. Along with all the electronic stuff I like to use a lot of acoustic stuff within my tracks so lots of playing in guitar parts, percussion etc. I use a lot of plugins whilst mixing, picked up a ton of freeware ones on the internet which are great, sometimes i’l make something in Reaktor or Max but only when the technical mind takes over the creative.

Any thoughts on the mix?
Um, yeah this mix was just a selection of tracks that I have listened to and been excited by, there are a lot of great producers out there that the world needs to hear about and mixes are a great way of spreading the word!

What does the future hold for you?
Got some new remixes coming out on various labels and a few releases of my own being finalised for release in the near future. Im also working on this live show of mine involving electronic elements mixed with live drums etc so stay tuned for that but I can be found DJing at various places, playing the Fortune of War next weekend with Throw Some Shapes, supporting Daedelus in Brighton in August and heading over to Amsterdam to do a show with Kramphfaft in November.

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