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This week on the weekly Mint Magazine podcast hosts Ian James and Marcus Harris are joined by Mint Magazine’s very own Editor-at-Large, Tom Hinton. As ever the podcast is packed with global jams of the freshest sort, as well as some informative chat. Thanks for listening!

Mint Magazine Podcast #13 by Mint Magazine on Mixcloud

1. Grobbie – All Of This Time
2. Darkness Falls – Timeline
3. I Ching – Its Me
4. Savages – City’s Full (Live at the Shacklewell Arms, London)
5. Evy Jane – Ohso (Max Ulis Remix)
6. The Ghost Frequency – Lips Stitched Tight
7. The Soft Walls – Black Cat
8. Dark Sky – Totem
9. Sun Glitters – It Takes Me

Download here

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