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Regardless of any supposed rifts between Capital FM’s’ ‘Grime Superstars’ and that boy, Adewale, from two doors down, whose keeping it real by probably being the only ‘five star general’ I know of, that collects job-seekers to spend on pot/Xbox live. A third wheel of grime chugs on, as with any scene worth it’s salt, of people keeping it within the confines of the original sentiments and rituals, but craftily avoiding away those omnipresent red shells, stagnancy. and shittiness And no one’s been representing it, with so much consistency and purposefullness, then Butterz (Who I brown nosed previously here and again here, no homo) whose mixes, I found Mr Mitch, alongside the likes of Swindle, SRC and Rudekid, killing it on.

Mr Mitch…Who are you? And what is it exactly that you are doing? Your quite the elusive man to research, I tried to get some proper Colombo investigation on. And failed.

Hi, I’m Mr.Mitch a producer from South-East London, I’ve been producing for about 8 years, on and off, but recently decided to take music seriously and just get some music out there. I don’t get up to much else at the moment..I get stressed when I’m away from the computer for too long…I just want to get as much music out there as possible.

What’s been the story for the first part of the year?

Over the past 6 or 7 months I’ve just been sending tunes to djs and doing remix work for other djs, just trying to get my sound heard and it seems to be working.

Yeah I need to get on that too. I got  bare shit beats I made on FL bubbling about, what’s generally the response from DJ’s that you contact?

Initially, when I started sending tracks out I wouldn’t get too many replies back. It’s only as my name started getting around more that other DJs would ask for tracks.

Anyone that has really been pushing it?

Two DJs that have supported me in a big way are Elijah & Skilliam. They are some of the only grime DJs who are open to a pushing an alternative grime sound.

Yeah…your sound is definitely alternative, the synths on your ‘Bad Boy’ remix could be off ‘The Chronic”.

Cheers yeah I really like that g-funk sound, like a lot of the early dr dre stuff. I’m majorly influenced by timbaland’s early productions as well, and have been ever since a first heard Tim’s bio… I really like the 80s synth pop sound and if I had the money, would just buy loads of vintage synths…

You’ve done a bit of funky and dubstep as well, where would you say your true heart lies?

I started with grime and that’s where my heart is, but I try to do it with my own style. Grime is in period of reinvention so I want to add a new dimension of production to the scene and open doors to new listeners.

Yeah, I’m deffo with you on the reinvention perspective, but what’s your thoughts on grime artists, generally underground, that are dedicated to keeping it the way it is, giving it the big one that people are selling out, do they have a point? Or do they need to shaataap.

I’m happy that there are people still trying to create the ‘authentic’ grime sound but I think but they need to accept that; as with any genre, new dimensions will form. People selling out though is a different thing, if a person wants to make pop tunes that is their perogative, but they’ve got to expect to lose a lot of respect from their fans.

Agreed.  Away from that we all rate your mixes, but what’s the deal with the original beats?

I’ve  got quite a few different projects lined up.  Got a song coming out on Butterz which will be on their quality street ep alongside terror danjah src and royal-t. I’ve got an e.p coming with subdepth records and I’m currently in talks with a few other labels. And I am also  in the process of creating my own label ‘Gobstopper Records’ and the first release coming out on the label will be the Fright Night ep by myself, consisting of remixes from src, moony, deset and F.A Kode. You can expect to see that in a couple months.

I’ve currently got 2 tracks out in norway with a rap group called vaagsbgyd handy, and I have also produced a couple tracks for skeptas forthcoming album. Just trying to keep busy.

Skepta. That’s big. Can you tell me anything?

There’s not much I can say about the skepta stuff at the moment, but his album shld be coming out sometime at the end of the year so hopefully people will like what we’ve done together.

Fair dues…shouts?

Big up Elijah & Skilliam, Dusk and Blackdown, DJ Blazey and any other DJ that supports my music, its appreciated.

Download/show love for his beatskis at his soundcloud here

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