Kytes and their favourite things.

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Besides having some of the best artwork I’ve seen in a while  (as well as beards, the hairstyles of Kytes are also available in handy illustrated form) Kytes play some of the most refreshing music I’ve heard in a while. It’s kind of like a fusion between At the Drive In, Silversun Pickups and a load of twiddly guitar stuff that gets away with being twiddly because it’s not wanky like foals or someone like that. The band are made up of four childhood friends who started a band when they were 11 and picked it up again nine years later and you can tell that these guys know how to play together, everything fits and just seems effortless, but then I guess it would be if you’ve been writing music together since you all still creamed at the sight of Topanga in Boy Meets World.

They hand-made 100 copies of their E.P (which you can download for free as well but reals is betters) that they’re sending out for free – just email them your address and they’ll get you one out. We got the band to do a show & tell for us with their favourite things, so all photos are courtesy of someone in the band, I’m not sure who.

God Dammit Leeroy by Kytes

This is our 1976 American Flag complete with bloodstains on it from when it was stolen back in the day. We decided to take a snapshot of our proud bassist Rob standing by the flag posing in true superhero fashion. As a band we love comics and we love a good hero so this is our little tribute to the MARVELous world of comics. Long live Anti-Superhero Registration!

Luke our drummer lived in South Africa for a short while. One year he came to visit us, bringing a bottle of Hakkiesdraad as a present (Hakkiesdraad : a firey spirit, truly indigenous to South Africa). This horrific bottle has been slowly drunk by us over the course of 4 years, causing many amazing nights. Plus its got barbed wire around it!

We found that in a tight spot, when things get serious and sweaty. There is no better item of clothing than the mighty headband. Amazingly durable and with many uses, we love this accessory. If we were stuck on a desert island we would need a headband.

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