Kwam: Truth Hurts.

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Kwam is an MC from Alien Muzik,  a collective consisting of Rival, Marger, Rudekid and others. A collective who amongst others such as Family Tree and Butterz are breathing life into grime, each one bringing different things to the table like some kind of Grime Triforce. He himself, alongside the likes of Kozzie, and the aforementioned Rival, have stepped up the game with their consistency and competence on the mic. We had a little natter about his new mixtape.

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How long have you been doing grime, and where did it start for you?

I’ve been doing grime for around 4 years now, and it started with me locked into Raw Mission hearing an MC WHO WILL REMAIN NAMELESS, but long and short of it is I thought the guy was shit and I could do better ha.

First grime track that you heard, that you thought was hard.

The first track I can remember clearly? Probably the Ice Rink version excursions, that was beat was messed, I always said to myself I would do a freestyle over that Ice Rink beat.

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In terms of Grime, would you say it’s been a better year for producers than MCs? There is so much talent on the buttons at the mo.

I just think generally it’s been a good year for breakthrough artists; we’ve seen new producers and new spitters come through so I wouldn’t like to say any one side’s particularly stronger than the other, particularly since the two groups come together so well on good grime tunes!

Do you consciously try and keep grime grimey, or are you open to new paths and progressions?

I just do tunes I like the sound of, to be really honest with you. Generally it will be that grimey sound but as my mixtape demonstrates I do veer off that path at times.

Is there any sound or concept that you tried to achieve with ‘Truth Hurts’?

With Truth Hurts, my big thing was trying to maintain an underlying theme of truth; its effects on people, its effects on myself etc. With that achieved I was most pleased about the way in which all the other aspects of the mixtape’s structure fell into place of their own accord; it was as if, having created the spine for the work, the rest almost did itself haha!

Anyone you think is going to be big in 2011?

Alien Muzik. We’re a very talented collective of MCs, Rival and Marger need no introduction, and next year I’m hoping to see Deathstar, Nutcase and Danny D also come to the fore within the collective.

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What do you think the future has in wait for grime? Is it gonna come back again, or is just gonna stay bubbling in the underground?

There are indications that grime may have a place in the commercial arena, but I’m the kind of person who MCs with the same amount of energy whether I’m in a disused toilet in a pirate radio station or standing a few feet away from Tim Westwood, so until I lose that desire I’m not overly bothered whether grime remains underground or becomes commercial; in my eyes no other genre comes close to grime’s energy.

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