Introducing: Moose Blood

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It’s not often that you get thrown something that genuinely intrigues you, the internet has almost completely demystified the separation between listeners and creators when music is at its earliest stages. Often bands are surrounded by a mele of hype and by the time the music reaches your ears your perspective is already clouded. Perhaps by even reading about this band in this particular magazine we’ve already ruined it for you…

This morning I got to experience that moment where you listen to something with no expectation and are lucky enough to be completely blown away, I can’t even remember the last time that happened. The last time you felt like you’d actually stumbled across something out of the blue.

Moose Blood are from Canterbury and have a six track 7″ out in January through Fist In The Air and Day By Day Records, they played their first show at the end of October, emo tinged with a touch of Americana, songs about girls and coffee. The music speaks for itself. I can’t wait for the 7″.

Here’s a free download of their track Bukowski.

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