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Soundwave festival is rapidly approaching and were supper excited about that, because we’ll be heading over to Croatia to cover the festival for those of you that aren’t going….your not going? Why?! Golden beaches, cold beer, girls, boys, boat party’s, swimming, and all things of that manner. We’ll be bringing you interviews, videos & photos as the festivals antics unfold throughout the weekend. With a line up including Roots Manuuva, Bonono, DJ Format and Zero 7 you know its going to be good! Recently we had a quick chat with another incredible band performing at this years festival, Sweden’s fantastic Little Dragon……

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Hows 2011 been for the band so far?

Were doing good! 2011 has been perfect!

Being old school friends must have some interesting effects on the band, How does this work towards the band in terms of your relationship and how you create?

Sometimes its tough, were close as family and it can be a bit of a roller-coaster every now and then but we love what we do and creatively the honesty that comes with being old friends is real good to have when your working together.

Whats the music and art scene like in Gothenburg? Do you perform there much?

Not really maybe a couple times a year. Unfortunately the art scene is kind of lame, there are a lot creative people here in gothenburg though for sure, but not to much going on on that front. Music scene is more happening.

We’re there any particular inspirational figures & musicians that the band looked up to in the early days of Little Dragon? How about now?

Definitely, some albums really made a mark on us and inspired us Dangelos Voodoo album and all of Kraftwerks.

When creating your music & sounds, how does the process begin and all come together for a finished song?

Usually someone starts a idea with a maybe some drums and a base line or just some chords or whatever then Yukimi will write some lyrics and record her vocals on it, after that we will all add little bits and pieces to each others tracks, percussion or synths until it feels finished. but a lot of ideas just get buried and forgotten in the computers.

The bands visual identity is very strong in its look and you have some incredible artwork and photographs backing up your music, is the art side of Little Dragon something that means a lot to the band?
Yea there are so many ways to represent yourself as a artist these days its just fun to use art or pictures  to identify yourself with.

An example of some of Little Dragons awesome art work, Photo by SEEK.

We’re super excited to catch you guys live at this years Soundwave festival in an incredible sun kissed surrounding! Whats your favourite aspects of performing live?

Always feels good to get the love from a crowd. but just feeling inspired by each other, maybe doing something a bit different and feeling one with the sounds lol sometimes you get those moments and it can be euphoric.



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