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Anita Blay makes pop songs. Good ones. String-drenched, sparkly crescendo pop infectious enough to push her over the edge into the mainstream, which is why we spoke to the CocknBullKid to wring out the last few drops of “I was into to her before…”

words Mitch Syrett

Hi Anita. You had some throat trouble late last year. Are you Back on top form now?

Yes thank you. I think it was all the touring I was doing. I’m fine now.

You did a lot of touring with Kele and  Marina. How was that?!

Really good fun. Marina audiences seem to like it loads. I think it was a good pairing. I had to try a little harder to win over the Kele audiences. His demographic is mainly white indie boys who were up for a massive rave whilst they were confronted with camp jaunty pop songs. But I think we managed it. I often enjoy playing for a less enthusiastic audience cos they make you work a little harder.

We heard you used to jam with plan B in your early days. Are you guys still in touch?

Well he’s obviously a very busy guy but if we bump into each other we have a chat. He’s always been a lovely dude but he’s a lot more mellow now.

Your new album is called adulthood. Did you enjoy its recording? Can you tell us a little about the process? Ups & downs….

It took a while but we got there. I learnt so much. At first it was a bit hard because I was undergoing a transitory stage. I’d hand in all these songs that I thought were amazing and they’d be promptly rejected for not being good enough. That was a complete blow to my ego at first but I learnt to suck it up and keep writing. A few years later, I realized the label were right. The album feels complete now.

Peter Moren of Peter, Bjorn and John produced a few tracks on the album. How did that come about?

They were in London and needed a girl to sing the vocal on Young Folks. We have a mutual friend who does their lights who hooked it up for me to sing with them at their show. And from there we decided to have a go at writing. Initially, I wrote with Bjorn but we didn’t get very long together as he was busy with Lykke Li’s album in New York. I was in Stockholm anyway and Peter said we should have a go at writing together so we did and the rest is history.

What’s The CocknBullKid’s 2011 looking like?

Hopefully very busy. Lots of live shows, festivals, more writing and taking it global.

You can buy the Hold On To Your Misery EP here on itunes

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