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WATERS is a fresh & exciting new path for former Port O’Brien front man Van Pierszalowski. We’ve heard some material from the debut album ‘Out In The Light’ & can’t wait for the official release. Which is September 19th. Diaries out. We recently managed to hook up with Van for a few words about the new project, camping in Oregon, his childhood fishing in Alaska, & his sweet home of California…

Hey Van, How’s it going today? What are you up to this week?

It’s going great.  I am on tour right now with Mister Heavenly.  Last night, I slept outside in a tent in Ashland, Oregon in my friends’ yard, and it was a beautiful night.  Tonight, we’re off to San Francisco, which is one of my favourite cities, so that’s always a good day.

Your debut album ‘Out In The Light’ is fast approaching, can you give us a little bit of an insight into the sounds on the album and the journey you’ve gone through in creating it?

It’s pretty heavy sounding in terms of the drums and guitars.  We recorded with the producer John Congleton in Dallas, and we wanted to keep it loud and raw sounding.  We had rehearsed intensely before the sessions, so we finished early – in ten days.

How does your new material differ from your past work?

I would say it’s louder, fuzzier, and noisier.

‘For The One’ was recently leaked online, topping many blog charts. That must fill you with good feelings ahead of the official release of ‘Out In The Light’ ?

The response has been really exciting and motivating for me. I really am so proud and excited about this album, and I really can’t wait for it to get out into the world.

You’ve got history of growing up in places such as Alaska & California, do you have any particular fond memories of this time? How have these vastly different but equally powerful landscapes & environments affected your music today?

I have all kinds of fond memories from both places.  California was (and always will be) home to me, but Alaska is in some ways even more special of a place.  My family’s entire livelihood is based off commercial fishing in Alaska, so it’s a strong connection.  In terms of inspiration, I would say experiences have more directly influenced things than places, but the open spaces and lack of distractions in Alaska is particularly inspiring.

We’ll be heading to one of your live shows in London in September, We hear that your debut London show supporting Wye Oak was a great hit! What do you enjoy about live shows?

I love nothing more than playing these new songs.  I really do look forward to it every day.  I’ve never been this confident about a live band, or a record, and it’s a great privilege to play for people.

What’s next for WATERS?

Well, our record is coming out soon on City Slang, and we’ll be touring for the rest of the year.  I hope to start working on some new material over the winter, and get back on the road next spring.

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