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Soul Clap are cool dudes: they throw parties, they make shit-hot edits, they compile cool mixes, they probably own really great Vans too.. The Boston pair have been spinning disco, hip-hop, and the smoothest house joints around for a few years now, often collaborating with Wolf+Lamb and Nicolas Jaar. A while back now, Mint’s Josh Baines got the chance to have a quick chat with the duo about their then-recent DJ Kicks record, the art of the edit, the pros and cons of being part of a pretty well known dance duo…and vomit.

Which gives you the most personal satisfaction: producing tracks, making edits, or DJing?

E: Well, producing tracks and making edits is a really similar process, but we really started out DJing so nothing can ever really replace that… well except for one thing… YO MOM!

Talk me through the making of an edit – what’s the process behind it?

C: First you have to climb to the peak of the highest mountain and then you must summon the spirit of the disco and then take 3 pinches of milk thistle and brew it in the blood of an unborn calf. Drink that and then vomit that. Take the vomit to the old man at the bottom of the valley and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. You must wait for 2 months before conceiving your child. Once born, take the child and trade it for Fleetwood Mac multitracks. Take those, put a kick drum on them and wait to be belittled by resident advisor.

E: It’s much simpler for me. Take any song you like and put a kick drum on it and wait for the hate 😉

How has the surge in popularity of podcasts affected the way you guys think about DJing, if at all?

SC: Not.

In terms of the DJ Kicks series, had you heard any of the previous releases?

E: Yes. I grew up listening to them. The Stacey Pullen one got me into techno when I got grounded, but snuck some lsd from my friends and then sat in my room all night bugging out. After that the Kruder + Dorfmeister one is a truly amazing journey and we can’t forget the Viktor Duplaix or Chromeo editions. Actually, they’re pretty much all awesome.

A standard descriptive marker in contemporary muisc writing is ‘vibe’ – can you exlpain what the ‘vibe’ of the DJ Kicks mix is?


What does the future hold for you guys?

Well for starters, we’re looking at about 8 months of steady gigging taking us through the summer.  Musically most of our energy is being focused on trying to complete our first album which will be released on Wolf + Lamb hopefully early next year!

We’ve also recently had the honor to remix some of our heroes! We’ve done a mix of a track called “Next To You” off DJ Harvey’s upcoming album, we’ve revamped Robert Owens’ seminal “I’ll Be Your Friend” with Gadi Mizrahi, which is coming out on MN2S and we’ve reworked Laid Back’s comeback single, “Cocaine Cool”, which came about because they heard our edit of Baker Man and decided to release it officially and commission a remix. We’ve also remixed one of our favourite producers of the moment, Mario Basanov for Future Classic.

Soul Clap Vs.Wolf + Lamb – DJ Kicks tracklist:

01. Greg Paulus – My Man’s Gone Now (Intro)
02. Greg Paulus – Yellow Sky
03. Tanner Ross – Goodbye, Summer
04. Deniz Kurtel & Wolf + Lamb – Love Triangle (Interlude)
05. Double Hill – Everytime I Go
06. Charles Levine, Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi – Stay Home
07. Michael J. Collins – You Lose (Interlude)
08. Greg Paulus – Suchashame (Soul Clap Remix)
09. Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi feat. Camburn – Crank It Up
10. Eli Gold – Throw That (Interlude)
11. Soul Clap – 3 Wheel E-Motion
12. Lee Curtiss – South Aphrika
13. Soul Clap feat. Charles Levine – Lonely C
14. H-Foundation feat. Aion – Tonight (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
15. Eli Gold – Slow Down (Interlude)
16. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Believe The Hype
17. SECT feat. Ben Westbeech – In The Park
18. Slow Hands – Rough Patch
19. Nicolas Jaar – Can’t See What Is Burning There
20. No Regular Play – Takin’ U Back
21. DJ Harvey Presents Locussolus – Next To You (Soul Clap Remix)
22. Wolf + Lamb feat. Smirk – Therapist
23. Zev feat. Greg Paulus – We All
24. Seuil & Le Loup – Nautil Us
25. Gadi Mizrahi – I’ll Set Your House
26. Benoit & Sergio – Walk And Talk
27. Voices Of Black – Fridays With Her

And here is a link to the Soul Clap live in the mix for Beats In Space.


Josh Baines

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