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The UK is littered with musical talent, there’s no doubting to be done. The trouble is the ones who are making the big muns are more often than not the talentless slaves making money for the whip cracking executives behind the major labels or reality TV shows we all enjoy eating our microwaved meals to – and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all mainstream music is bad and, erm, bland? But a lot of it is. There are advantages however; while the dressed up manikins continue on with their sure to be short lived careers, the underdogs and real creatives are fired up, inspired and fueled to keep creating and doing what they do best. We caught up with Cutta Chase, a South London based rapper and creative, and exchanged a few words and thoughts.

Hey man, how’s it going today?

All good man, just here sparking one up, watching the wind out the window pumping out some old school flavours.

Yeah mate the weathers not saying much right now! So what are your plans for 2011 in terms of your music?

Spread the word, and wake brainwashed Britain up as much as I can to be honest, carry on writing day in day out & hope something comes of it.

Would it be fair to say your lyrics are pretty deep? Where do you draw these inspirations from?

I guess you could say I go deep – it’s all about making music with meaning and speaking from the heart for me, my inspiration mostly comes from my drive inside to make change, and the herbs I spark. It all comes from the head and heart I guess. I like to keep things real for myself and the people. Writing’s just a diary to me, just jotting down what comes to mind at the time.

Yeah, so you must have a lot of papers lying around? Where did the passion come from?

Trust me the stack of books like a lyrical library. The passion came from my love for the early hip hop sounds & poetry i guess. Ive been writing since tapedeck days recording myself over the radio etc simple stuff, years passed expermenting with rap & grime along the way when eventually i found my heart with hip hop when meeting up with ASTRO B.

Yeah the early 90’s was a pretty golden point for hip hop and rap, would you say the sounds and lyrics from these early acts shine through into your own work?

I wouldn’t say I relate to any artists when I listen back to my content, just for the fact that hip hop’s never really been a big thing over here in the UK. I guess you could say I was influenced back then though, so I guess the 90’s moulded me into who I am today.

You just mentioned Astro B, tell us a bit about him?

My soul brother, the main man who introduced & influenced me to real hip hop (SOUL AVENUE) He’s produced the main majority of my music & also features on a lot of my material – you could say he’s my combined mind & a lyrical madman when it comes to the mic. He’s a MONSTER in the underground hip hop scene right now believe me.

One to check out then? Can you name one track you’ve done that really stands out as a favorite to you?

Defo one to look out for. A personal favorite of mine would have to be Sky Language – its always been a track that means a lot lyrically and spiritually to me. Then again every track touches me in different ways; each brings back a space in time and alot of moments & memorys.

It’s refreshing to speak to an artist who’s so connected to their own work man, pretty inspiring, so what’s the dream for the future?

The dream’s to live comfortably off music and hope something comes of all the hard work and years put into it i guess. Musics always been a hobby of mine but if ‘NDUBZ’ etc are making millions creating basic bubblegum bullshit then I i feel i have faith in my future as a lyricist. The fame & fortune side of things not ever really been my steeze or motivation but i cant lie it would be nice to get paid for something i love doing, like i said for now its just a diary for me putting points across through my lyrics tryna pickup followers along the way. There’s a lot of bullshit out there getting beamed out and I feel personally I have a lot more to talk about and alot more to share with the world word wise – at the end of the day im just tryna put a smile on my mums face I guess..

Yeah, there’s far too many people making big money with small talents, but I guess in a way the big industry’s sour mark on the music world spurs on and inspires the smaller players to keep creating and doing what they’re doing. On that note cheers for taking the time to have a chat with us, any last words?

Yeah completely, its these blunt rappers & manufactured artists that inspire me to keep doing what im doing, letting out the secrets & answers along the way. My last words would be to CUT2THECHASE and keep your ears and eyes open for whats to come & remember keep it mint with some weed n ink. Peace & love. Cutta

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  • Cutta Chase is a real talent. cool and humble man. You have my word that things will be getting done in the near future. keep your eye on this guy right here. believe.

    Much respect.

  • Honey Bee

    Amazing talent, beautiful person with a real sense of what the world is about, So much respect for you, i just know your gonna be big.

  • Abracadabra

    Beautiful man with amazing things to say. Big love to you!

  • GingerPrincess

    I’ve known this guy for years and never has he been confused about where he wants to be. He does what a lot of us don’t – realises his dream, cuts to the chase of it all and goes for it. All my love and respect goes to him. xx

  • x

    Cutta Chase is beauitful. and mine.

  • Ananomous

    Been listening to this guys music for a while now. Come a long way since the old school days. Pure hip-hop straight from the heart. Always gets ALOT of plays on the ipod. Would also love to hear a slight switch of style. Maybe even just one grime track to see the outcome. Although the deeper tones in the voice probably suit hip-hop beats more. Expect to see alot more from this guy as the workrate is intense. itsalot/itsalot

  • Ollie Jay-Ess

    You know, with the amount of shit ‘hip hop’ resonating from too many speakers. Its nice to hear some real shit that actually holds true to the genre.The Uk hip-hop scene is still too small atm, so much potential and no coverage, and its sad cuz everyone deserves to hear this!! Theres not enough coverage for the heads that keep it reall! hopefully the true ones see this and make sure it gets circulated! PEACE!

  • Suz

    Known this guy for a long old time and there’s always been somethin special about him. He’s so insightful and articulate but doesn’t let it get him down. He just picks up the pen again. I know for certain he’s gonna get where he wants to be. Never stop writin xx

  • Buzzrat

    Cutta chase is simply the best uk hip hop artist around, get to know an show some love by playing his tracks x

  • Cutta chase Representing real UK hip hop music

    big tunes… NUF RESPECT

  • Deanyoda

    Yes i . I liked it Man and i agree with your comments on the music scene . I think it applies generally that any music form tha appears is coopted by the main stream then bastardised by killing any social or conscious streams that are in it. Any talk of revolution social change and community are replaced with themes of money power women and buying stuff you dont need. its happened to every genre of music so far.. Keep up the good work and the vibes . we keep marching forward..


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