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Dutch producer Applescal has had a super impressive career so far, having released two albums and several EPs by the age of 22. Equally the past three years have been just as fruitful, after winning the biggest dance award in Holland & getting himself a record deal with Cologne’s Traum label, Mint Magazine’s Johnny Fontaine catches up with Applescal….

Hey Applescal, is that a play on Pascal?

Yeah it is. made it up 10 years ago when I was 14.

So, you’ve recently released a new EP, El Diablo, on the RTFKT label. You seem to be in a different mood from the one you were in on your second release, A Mishmash of Changing Moods. How is that for you?

I’ve always been a naive producer which means I make the music I want to make. That’s still the same. Although, when you are making music for such a long time you become aware of a lot of things and that makes the process of finishing tracks harder.

Even though the mood changes you have managed to secure a trademark sound, yet you’re still quite young. Do you think your sound will evolve or undergo a full-on transformation?

I think it’s always transforming. When you’re not aware of it it’s a good thing as you’re not following a specific music hype.

 There already seems to be a stark contrast between tracks such as Mr Cold, which has a beckoning emotional depth and No Offence – a bombardment of brain malfunctions. While there are clearly some post-IDM and cosmic influences, you lay apart from these genres. What else influences/inspires you?

At the moment I’m really inspired by a new generation of bedroom musicians. There’s so much talent out there on SoundCloud and they are becoming better and better. I’m 24 years old now but I feel like an old man sometimes, seeing 18 year old producers popping out of nowhere making amazing tunes. That’s great.

RTFKT 01 – Applescal – El Diablo EP [Free DL in Description] by Applescal

Are you a digital or an analogue man?


What is the music scene like over in the Netherlands? Do you ever play live shows?

I’ve done a lot of live shows here in the Netherlands. The music scene is pretty cool but really techno orientated. There’s place for more IDM music now but it’s hard for creative artists to get gigs and do their things on stage.

What have been your favorite albums of 2011?

Pfeww… that’s hard. I liked the new Dominik Eulberg album, Crewdson, Chrome Sparks, Tycho, Modeselektor, Young Montana?, Kona Triangle,Siriusmo. I can’t pick one.

Pien Feith – I Have Done Nothing (Applescal Remix) by Applescal

The world has been getting into some pretty freaky stuff: mass-protest, riots, rebel governments, maaa-husive natural disasters. Do you think the occurrence of these events are unusually high? What’s going on? Do you think the apocalypse is just around the corner?

I think people have the idea they can change things as an individual but this is impossible. we are living in a system that’s so big and complex we cannot change things unless we become a powerful person. But on the road to becoming someone powerful, you’ve got to make so many sacrifices that you’ve lost your ideals. If we want to change things we should lose our democracy and have a group of inspiring people reorganising stuff. Starting with a clean sheet, I mean. But hey, who am I. I’m just 1 out of 100.000.000 people and I don’t know shit about economics and politics.

 Do you have any upcoming plans?

Yes. I’m working on a new album which I hope to release in 2013. And some ep’s and remixes will drop in 2012. Pretty exiting.

Words Johnny Fontaine.

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