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I don’t know what it is about French music that’s so effortlessly sexy, maybe the accent? As in “I fucked her, it was wild” (Teenagers) but Get Back Guinozzi, a two/five piece from the French riviera have nailed it again. We had a chat with Fred and Eglantine, the two founders, about the band, and how hot Eglantine’s voice sounds.

Tell me a bit about Get Back Guinozzi – how did you get together?

Fred : We met each other in 2001 on Eglantine’s solo project. A bit later I asked Eglantine to form a band. She didn’t want to at first but I seduced her with my great instrumentals

Eglantine : We started with one track, then 2, then 3. We had so much fun doing them that we decided to form Get back guinozzi! and Fatcat liked our songs straight away. Everything has been very simple and spontaneous.

So it started off as just the two of you right? Why did you decide to recruit some more members and how’s it been having a bigger band?

Eglantine : Fred composes the music and I’m into the song writting and voice melodies. I worked on some arrangements on some of our tracks as well.We’re like a real couple in a way

Fred : For live performance, we’re a 5 piece band, we play with our friends from Hifiklub. I think  that’s important when forming a band; to perform live, to go on stage with real musicians. That’s how I see live music

Eglantine : For the next album we’re going to work on a lighter set as well, to be able to play everywhere

Fred : Anyway, GBG sounds great if we’re 2 or 5 musicians, well, I hope so….Oh by the way, we have a new musian who’s going to play keyboards and sing background vocals. She’s 1.80m tall, that girl is really sexy, her name is Cecilia, I think Eglantine is going to be jealous!

Eglantine : Yeah, I know. Danger, danger, she’s really hot. I’ve already started to go to the gym. But I’m so happy there’s another girl in the band so, we can talk about boys and lipstick!

[vsw id=”6-eFaOWaL6A” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

You’re between France and London quite a bit, where do you most enjoy being while you write and play live?


Eglantine : I live in London, Fred on the French riviera. We work appart from each other when we write an album, we work via internet. That’s really exciting, we have carte blanche and it gives us a lot of freedom. Then I would fly to the south of France for the pre-mix and to rehearse with the band. To meet the sun and the guys is really welcoming after my hibernation.

Fred : Then we go on tour. When I’m on stage with Get Back Guinozzi! I wish I could stay there for 10 years, to play our stuff in front of an audience is so exciting and to be on tour gives us the opportunity to meet other artists, which is great. It’s like last time we played in London,  Gareth Sager (POP GROUP, RIP RIG & PANIC, FLOAT UP CP, HEAD’S) came to our gig at the Pure Groove record shop. That’s crazy, Gareth is an idol to me. I wish we could work with him on the new Get back guinozzi album!

Eglantine : We toured in France with Viv Albertine (The Slits) last winter, it was amazing, but one of my best memories of touring was in Dublin. It was such a great crowd.

Cool, are you writing at the moment?

Eglantine : Yes, I’m staying in my bunker now

Fred : We’ll have some guests for that second album. We’re going to call it PARANOID, well, if  Eglantine agrees with me. Sometimes it can take a long time to agree with women if you know what I mean.

Eglantine : Don’t get so paranoid Fred!

Fred : Exactly, I think paranoid people are the last heroes, well, I’m talking about myself.

[vsw id=”LZkacNjfQXE” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”400″ autoplay=”no”]

Some of your lyrics are pretty bizarre Eglantine, where do you get them from?


Eglantine : Thanks, I take that as a compliment, I love bizarre! I get some of them from the Indian jungle where I stayed for quite a long time, some from the carpet shop around the corner, and I’ve also got some from L.A, where I’ve never been.

Haha, oh also your voice is really hot, have you had any weird fan-mail yet?

Eglantine : 1 or 2 psycho messages on facebook. I wished I could have received more. Come on guys, get with the programme!

Well hopefully someone will! What, other than receiving weird messages, do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Eglantine : First, to finish our new album and to mix it with a genius. I’m going to record some tracks in Phnom Penh in Cambodia this  winter. I’m really excited about it.

Fred : I’m going to learn how to speak english. No, I’m joking! I’m on another music project with Regis Laugier, R Stevie Moore and Mike Watt. It’s called “Wicked Witches Of The South”. We’re going to mix our album with the fantastic KPT MICHIGAN who mixed our first Get back guinozzi!  album. Oh and I’m also working on the programme for my music festival ‘MIDI FESTIVAL‘ which happened in July, but we’re starting a new edition in the winter as well. The Young Marble Giants are going to open it on the 10-12-2010 in Toulon.

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