Foals – Total Life Forever

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Let’s get this straight, there are no Cassius and Hummer style dance floor tracks on this album, Foals have taken things down a notch. There are moments where the tempo picks up but in general it is a far more chilled out effort than Antidotes. Their first effort was a collection of stand alone singles (they released most of them) whereas this demands a listen from start to finish to appreciate the full picture. Total Life Forever requires you to sit back, crank up the volume and immerse yourself in the flowing guitars and dulcet tones of front man Yannis Philippakis.

The stand out track is easily ‘This Orient” which coincidentally is the second single to be released so they obviously know where their strengths lie; ‘It’s your heart, that gives me, this Western feeling’ is the repeated chorus line which rises and falls to bring real depth to the song; there’s even a rather tasty dubstep remix on the single from Starkey which takes advantage of the sonic quality of the track. One criticism would have to be that many of the songs follow the same structure; start off mellow and crescendo throughout until a big finally followed by a drop for the last ten seconds or so. It does work well though so they can be forgiven for that.

Live reviews hint that they play the album more aggressively live so it seems they still haven’t lost their danceability but on record this isn’t an album for getting ready to go out like ‘Antidotes’. Instead it’s a journey that requires time to sit back and bathe in the luscious sound Foals produce.

words Craig Charley

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  • Sam Hanlan

    Such an album, my discbox arrived on the doorstep a few days ago.. some newspaper put it that Radiohead used to be an influence, now they’re just peers.


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