Error Broadcast: Sweet Jelly Mixtape

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Error Broadcast are the broken beat in the  brokenbeat scene, who have been working alongside talent in the  international underground at their own frequency throughout the last year. Maybe not as famous as the likes of their overseas cousins Brainfeeder and Numbers, but just as prevalent and essential in shifting the world to the wonky side of the spectrum. They’ve bough us the global sounds of Shlohmo, Pixelord, DZA and Montgomery Clunk amongst others, under the banner of all things beat-iful.  As such I was chuff chuffington when they let us host one of their mixes. It’s chill as.

Listen Here

01 Konntinnent – Dust Cloud Super Hero [12rec.]

02 Ian Hawgood – Ferns, Teas, Springs [12rec.]

03 Geotic – I’m Learning Who You are

04 Shlohmo – For You pt. 2 [Error Broadcast]

05 Lapit – Wushu [Leaving Records]

06 Dem Hunger – Fried Squid [Leaving Records]

07 Slow – Cockfighting [Jumble]

08 lefolk – Random Intercept

09 Contorsonist – Gamma [Asiluum]

Ghostly A/V Showcase SF

10 Om Unit – The Corridor (Shigeto Remix)

11 SKRP – Satan and His Army (Wols Remix)

12 Samuari Buck – Beverly Hills

13 Panda Bear – Comfy in Nautica (Stephen Farris Remix)

14 Monokle – Gray Sparks [Passage]

15 Gaston Arevalo – Habitat [Passage]

16 Gil-Scott Heron – NY is Killing Me (Jamie XX Refix) [Young Turks]

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